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It’s not everyday we get hyped up about a sandwich shop in Weho. Because frankly, there are no sandwich shops in Weho. This is Santa Monica Blvd. after all, a land awash with vodka sodas, build-your-own-salad bars, and tank-top emporiums. Bread is public enemy #1. Guess BCN never got the memo because this Barcelona street food cafe is dishing out comfort-laden sandwiches, and we want all of it. Not to say that BCN is some gluttonous calorie-dump horror show. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Barcelona street food starts and ends with the bikini – a razor-thin sandwich traditionally filled with some sort of ham and cheese. And at BCN, they’re putting their own twist on things with a mix of both Spanish and Californian ingredients. The result? A serrano ham, manchego, portobello, and truffle aioli-stuffed sandwich that’s every bit as good as it sounds. And much like the versions served all around Barcelona, BCN’s version is light, manageable, and built for an on-the-go meal. And that’s exactly how you should treat BCN. A quick spot to pick up lunch by yourself or with coworkers, take it to-go or sit on their front patio, and enjoy what will surely be a sun-filled afternoon.

Just don’t stop at the bikini. As fantastic as the signature pressed sandwich is, BCN’s menu is absolutely stacked. Their patata bravas (fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce) might be the real takeaway of the whole place, and their gambas a la plancha (shrimp with sofrito sauce) is fresh and perfect for sharing.

We just hope the somewhat fussy neighborhood realizes all of this. BCN is a delicious, accessible, and wildly authentic cafe right at their front door. Knock, knock – it’s carbs. Who cares?

Food Rundown

Jamon Serrano Bikini

BCN’s signature dish and basically what the rest of the menu is based off of. And it is fantastic. Remember, manchego cheese can be pretty sharp, so if that isn’t your scene, there are PLENTY of other amazing sandwiches to try.

Patatas Bravas

Dear Lord, Thank you. – The Infatuation

Braised Short Rib Bocata

The bocata is a slightly heftier sandwich than the bikini, but its half-wrapped presentation makes it built for on-the-go use. And though they have several different bocatas on the menu, the braised short rib is your move.

Gambas A La Plancha

Gigantic fresh chunks of shrimp, a mild sofrito sauce, and crispy flatbread to bring it all together. Another MUST for the table and it will be gone in seconds. Trust us.


Probably not the best gazpacho in town but we like because it comes with everything. For free. And who doesn’t like chilled soup on (another) hot LA day.

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