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Bangin' Buns

Hot chicken has never been a very portable dish, unless you’re OK with spicy drippings streaming down your arms and face. But Bangin’ Buns’ choice of hotdog buns instead of traditional white bread or brioche makes these sandwiches the ultimate grab-and-go option. This Huntington Park spot serves some incredibly juicy tenders that come with a lighter spice marinade than the crimson red oil you’ll find at other hot chicken places. The heat is really concentrated underneath their chicken’s skin, which spares you the mess of spicy sauce seeping out the bun. Bangin Buns’ sandwiches also come with a delicious homemade slaw that is mildly creamy but with a nice kick, and their Bangin’ sauce is another savory, mayo-based concoction that goes great on just about everything too. I enjoy the texture contrast between the fried chicken and ultra-soft hotdog bun, but I also love these spicy tenders all on their own with Bangin’s hot honey and ranch dip.

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