While most of the city is either sleeping or suffering through some 7am workout class they pretend to like, Asadero Chikali is busy preparing a variety of warm stews for early morning tacos. Mornings at this East LA food truck consist of delicious tacos de guisado that leave us breaking a healthy sweat at 10am (kinda like that 7am cycling class). These perfect breakfast tacos come with the truck’s handmade flour tortillas and include fillings like shredded beef with roasted potatoes, chicharron cooked in tangy salsa, and spicy Mexican chorizo with scrambled eggs. You can also enjoy the same tortillas with a classic Norteño carne asada, which comes well seasoned with a nice smoky flavor from the grill. But a carne asada pitstop at Chikali wouldn’t be complete without a cheesy vampiro–corn tortillas that get grilled into a crispy disc before receiving handfuls of melty cheese and more grilled tender asada on top.

Food Rundown

Papa Con Chorizo Taco

There’s a lot to love about this hearty breakfast taco, starting with the roasted potatoes that meld together with the spicy chorizo scramble. The chewy flour tortillas are also nothing short of excellent, and we strongly recommend a spoonful of salsa roja for an extra layer of roasted chili heat.

Chicharrón Con Salsa Taco

By far our favorite guisado on the menu, this spicy stew gets its heat from the salsa roja, acidity from its tomatoes, and plenty of softened fat that's delicious to bite into. We also love adding plenty of onion and cilantro for some additional contrast to the soft filling.

Carne Asada Taco

Chikali’s Norteño-style carne asada is grilled over mesquite for a woody and smoky flavor that’s basically impossible to replicate. The grilled beef is delicious inside their buttery flour tortillas and tastes even better when you top it off with fresh lime, salsa, onion, and cilantro.

Carne Deshebrada Taco

This shredded beef gets most of its flavor from the rendered fat that coats every strand. Combined with the cooked onions, this stew is mildly sweet and tastes great with a dash of bright salsa verde, a roasted salsa roja, and a spoonful of creamy frijoles.

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