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Where To Eat & Drink In Paso Robles

The 9 best places to eat and drink in Paso Robles.

Red Scooter review image

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Red Scooter
Deli in Paso Robles

Red Scooter is an order-at-the-counter deli in Paso Robles with fantastic breakfast sandwiches.

Firestone Walker review image

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Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker’s Paso Robles flagship has factory tours, a brewhouse, a barrel room, and a full restaurant. All with a lot of very good beer.

Hatch review image

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American in Paso Robles

Hatch is a modern Southern restaurant in Paso Robles with great rotisserie chicken, whiskey, and a party atmosphere.

Kiamie Wine Cellars review image

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Kiamie Wine Cellars
Wine Bar in Paso Robles

Kiami Wine Cellars is a very laid-back tasting room/hangout in Paso Robles.

Daou Winery review image

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Daou Winery
Wine Bar in Paso Robles

The tasting room at Daou Winery is a Paso Robles institution.