Where To Eat Outside With Your Dog

25 great patios for you and your dog.

There’s no shame in admitting you’d rather hang out with a dog than an actual human being. After all, they’re playful, loving, and make you feel like the most important person in the world - no matter how many of your socks they destroy on a daily basis. And when you want to show them off, a restaurant patio is always the way to go.

LA has always been an extremely pet-friendly city, but these days, your options for outdoor dining with your dog are frankly endless. Here are 25 great spots for hanging with your pooch - while also getting a good meal in the process.

The Spots

Your dog has been your emotional rock this year, so reward her with a trip out of town and up into the Santa Monica Mountains. The Old Place is a historic saloon with some of our favorite comfort food in town, and it’s now available via a pick-up window on the property. So pick up a steak sandwich, grab a table, and enjoy the great outdoors with the only soul who’s never hurt you.

Sure, your dog isn’t above eating other dogs’ poop, but deep down, you know he’s still a fancy boy. So take him to Lady Byrd. The new all-day cafe in Echo Park has one of the coolest pandemic-proof patios in town, complete with mini greenhouses that make the place look like an English garden.

Plain and simple, Hatchet Hall’s parking lot patio is one of the most impressive in town. There’s umbrellas, heat lamps, foliage, and plenty of room in between tables for your dog to live their best life. Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, Hatchet Hall hosts a fantastic Low Country boil that’s sure to be your dog’s social event of the season.

If you’ve driven down Beverly Blvd. recently, chances are you’ve probably noticed Marvin’s massive patio. The excellent neighborhood French bistro has taken over what feels like 50 yards of sidewalk and created one of the best outdoor dining options in Beverly Grove. Wine, pasta, and dogs - how else are we supposed to get through 2020?

You haven’t had the time to get to a dog beach recently, so just head Escondite’s Skidrokyo Beach instead. This is in no way an actual beach, but if hanging out in colorful Adirondack chairs, eating burgers, and staring out at the LA skyline is your idea of a relaxing afternoon with your dog, stop reading this and go right now.

We love PTO because it’s one of LA’s rare tourist attractions where the main event (in this case, the world’s first French dip sandwich) is actually worth your time. Your dog, on the other hand, will love it because their new massive outdoor patio has tons of shade, astroturf, and plenty of semi-buzzed people who will wave at him from other tables.

Hanging out with your dog at a friend’s BBQ is one of life’s greatest joys, which is why you need to get to Gold Land BBQ immediately. The Sunday-only pop-up in Culver City might be in the back parking lot of a coffee shop, but it has the energy and atmosphere of a true neighborhood BBQ. There’s a massive pit filled with excellent Santa Maria-style BBQ, a separate truck selling frozen margaritas, and blankets and tables strewn around for you and the pooch to hang out on all day.

Being one of LA’s best casual pasta spots, Uovo has recently expanded their menu to include three different tasting menus (all priced under $40 per person), tiramisu, and dog-friendly outdoor dining options at both locations (Santa Monica and Mid-Wilshire). We’re not saying you have to recreate a Lady And The Tramp moment, but the option is there.

After taking your dog out to Malibu for a canyon hike, you’re both exhausted and quite hungry. Go refuel at Broad Street Oyster Co. Located behind the Malibu Country Mart, this East Coast-style seafood shack has excellent seafood (the lobster roll alone is worth the drive out), a low-key crowd, and big new patio in their parking lot.

Both locations (Culver City and Arts District) of this modern taco shop have expansive outdoor seating with large tables for you and your four-legged soulmate to have a fantastic taco picnic together. We love the chicken and mushroom tacos.

Home to our favorite seafood in West Hollywood, Connie & Ted’s has always been a great place to hang out, eat oysters, and drink beer all afternoon, but now, you get to do it with your dog. Thanks to a massive new astroturfed front patio, Mr. Balloons can hang out all day at your feet - instead of by the door waiting for you to come home.

Opening just before quarantine began, Chef Kang Sul Box is still a new name to some people in Koreatown, but this spot is absolutely worth checking out - particularly because of its massive wrap-around outdoor patio. The fried chicken wings are excellent (you’re obviously giving a tiny piece to your dog) and the Spam and tofu-filled army stew is a standout.

The classic Mexican restaurant in Silver Lake has a fantastic new patio that’s completely dog-friendly. That’s good news for you, because after some sizzling fajitas and a few too many margaritas, it’ll be the dog who’s walking you home.

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Hours:SATURDAY5:00PM to 1:00AM

Though this Baja-style Mexican restaurant in Frogtown has gone through a number of chef changes over the years, one thing remains the same - its patio is one of the best you’ll find in LA. The entirely dog-friendly space is adorned with plenty of shade and even a gravel area out front in case of an unexpected bathroom emergency.

Fresh seafood, ocean views, and your dog - there aren’t many combinations better than that, and you can experience all three at Dudley Market. The neighborhood seafood spot in Venice, located a block off the boardwalk, has a recently opened front patio with great views, a relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of space for your dog to live its best life alongside you.

Petty Cash imageoverride image

Petty Cash

Hours:SATURDAY12:00PM to 11:00PM

With a sprawling new sidewalk patio going down Beverly Blvd., Petty Cash is a great spot to hang out with (and show off) your dog. The modern Mexican restaurant has solid food (the cauliflower nachos are still one of our favorite vegetarian dishes in LA), strong drinks, and a crowd who will give your handsome boy all the attention he deserves.

Sycamore Kitchen continues to be one of the best weekday lunch spots in town, and with its big front patio, your four-legged soulmate gets to tag along as well. On sunny days, it can get hot out there, but the waitstaff does a great job of making sure both of your water bowls are full at all times. You’re eating the spicy Vietnamese salad or cured salmon toast, while your dog gets to be the talk of La Brea.

Superba is large and bright with a side patio where all the canine action goes down. As far as the food goes, there really isn’t a bad order, but you should definitely give considerable attention to the pastry counter - those morning buns and “everything” croissants are life-changing. Also life-changing? The pictures you’ll take of Georgie while he’s wearing his fedora.

You were staring into your dog’s eyes earlier today and it hit you - he deserves the world. What better way to show your appreciation for his unconditional love than taking him to the most dog-friendly restaurant in LA - The Morrison. The Atwater gastropub doesn’t just have a great front patio for your pooch, they have an entire “Doggy Menu” where the bone selections come out on a silver platter. That’s real. For you, the burger is the way to go, but unfortunately it just comes out on a regular plate.

You and Duke have had a total Eastside day, walking along the LA River bike path, flirting with each other, and building up a strong appetite. The obvious move is to head to Alcove. The all-day Los Feliz standby has a massive outdoor patio, meaning Duke has all the space in the world to spread out and have himself a Saturday. The sandwiches and salads are all solid enough, but don’t leave without getting a slice of cheesecake to-go.

There are very few things more naturally euphoric to humans than beer and dogs, and at Golden Road, you get them both at the same time. There’s a large outdoor space covered in fake grass for the dogs, a shaded “doggie deck,” complimentary dog beds, plenty of water bowls, and even dog biscuits by the bag. And, of course, all the Golden Road brews for you.

Your dog’s a star. You know, she knows it, we all know it. And there’s no better place to give her the attention she deserves than at Joan’s on Third. The 3rd St. marketplace is still one of the most popular lunch spots in Beverly Grove with an expanded patio full of people giving your little princess her moment in the spotlight. As for you, you’re already knee-deep in one of their excellent salads.

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The Trails

$$$$(323) 871-2102
Hours:SATURDAY8:00AM to 5:00PM
Perfect For:DogsLunch

You and Bingo killed it at Griffith Park today, but you both need some cold water and a snack fast. The Trails sits at the base of Griffith, and is the ideal spot to recharge in a low-key atmosphere if you aren’t feeling comfortable with the brunch chaos of Los Feliz. It’s essentially just a walk-up window in a little cabin, but the menu is surprisingly solid, and the avocado sandwich is a real must-order.

There’s really no better feeling in the world than a day at the beach with your BFF/dog. And after a few hours of frolicking in the sand at one the most underrated beaches in LA (Dockweiler), you’re both looking for some quick R&R. Playa Provisions is an excellent all-day restaurant with a large new parking lot patio perfect for eating pastries and loving your dog unconditionally.

One of our favorite Valley bars, Blue Dog Tavern is a low-key neighborhood spot essentially under the 405 in Sherman Oaks, and among the most dog-friendly spots in town. We’ve never been there when there haven’t been other dogs on the front patio (a huge selling point, to be honest), so you’ll never feel like that one person who brought their dog to the bar. There’s plenty space on the patio, lots of water bowls, and even dog-safe burger patties.

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