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LA Coffee Shops That Serve Great Food

Like everywhere else in America, the coffee situation in Los Angeles has never been better. In pretty much every corner of this city, you can get a fantastic cup of coffee from a place that doesn’t rhyme with FarShucks, and that’s exciting.

But what about those times you need a pick-me-up and a quick bite to go with it? Good luck. Most coffee shops don’t even pretend to dabble in the food game, and if they do, it’s usually in the form of some sad croissant that no amount of Taco Bell hot sauce in your glove compartment can bring back to life. But those special places serving both great coffee and delicious food are out there, you just have to know where to look. Like right here, where we’ve rounded up the 14 best coffee spots with food in all of Los Angeles.

the spots


Lamill has long been one our favorite coffee shops in the city, but it’s important to know that this reservoir-adjacent hangover glory spot has shockingly good food too. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day (plus a 4-7pm Happy Hour), expect everything from eggs benedict to steak frites to a mac & cheese that remains very close to our (hungover) heart.


Go Get Em Tiger

230 N. Larchmont Blvd.

Located on the Wisteria Lane of coffee shops (Larchmont Blvd.), Go Get Em Tiger knows you can’t get by on decent coffee and some scones around here. Competition is fierce, and this trendy little coffee shop rises to the occasion. You’re not going to find a better coffee and breakfast combo in the area. So grab a latte, a baked egg and chorizo skillet, and go find a stroller to push before somebody asks you what you’re doing here. Read the full review.

Photo: Holly Liss

Coffee Commissary - Burbank

3121 W Olive Ave

Have you ever typed something into a computer? Maybe a joke you ripped from Reddit or a disjointed pilot outline your on-camera teacher told you to write? Then you’re probably at Coffee Commissary at this very moment. This modern coffee shop (with locations from Culver City to Burbank) is a struggling writer’s playground, but also a place to grab some excellent coffee and even better food. The Burbank location has a full breakfast and lunch menu WITH FREE RANGE CHICKEN SANDWICHES and the Fairfax location has the actual Free Range truck on the premises. God bless.

Photo: Benji Dell

Cofax Coffee

440 N. Fairfax Ave.

It’s important to remember that at it’s core, Cofax is definitely a coffee shop. They just also happen to serve one of the best breakfast burritos in the entire city. Cofax is where you go on Sunday morning after you drank too much tequila at your friend’s going away party and you need coffee and burritos before you kill someone. There’s no better place to get them both than at this tiny Fairfax spot. Read the full review.

Photo: Benjamin Dell

If you haven’t heard by now, Australians make everything more enjoyable. And Paramount Coffee Project, the Sydney-based import, makes good on that declaration. The coffee and food at this laid-back Fairfax Village spot are certainly excellent, but to order it all from a so-nice-it-hurts, life-size Ken doll at the cash register is icing on the cake. You’re going to hear a lot about that avocado toast, but resist the temptation. The salted burrata is where it’s at.


Demitasse Roastery and Kitchen

1542 N Cahuenga Blvd

Hollywood’s coffee game is quietly a very strong one. But Demitasse feels like the spot everyone in the area had been waiting for. The Little Tokyo transplant is the newest place on this list, but it’s not hard to see why it’s destined for success. The Cahuenga space is airy and functional, with quality coffee and a food menu that goes far beyond your typical dried-out croissants. Think purple yam gnocchi and a grilled cheese we highly recommend getting involved with.


Caffe Etc.

6371 Selma Ave

A half a block away from Demitasse is one of the most criminally overlooked grab-and-go coffee spots in the city. But it’s Caffe Etc.’s food that keeps us coming back. Their breakfast menu goes all-day, there’s a rotating daily empanada flavor, and the service will get you in and out and on your way to your next commercial audition.

Photo: Caffe Etc. / Facebook

Café Dulcé

134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall Bldg E

Deep in the heart of Little Tokyo’s fun and very touristy Japanese Village Plaza sits Caffe Dulce, a counter-serve coffee shop serving some of our favorite baked goods in downtown. While you can’t go wrong with any of their housemade pastries, their Green Tea donut is worth the drive from wherever you are in the city. But if you’re in the mood for something slightly more substantial, their baguette sandwich situation is not to be ignored.

Photo: Cafe Dulce / Facebook

Coffee Tomo

11309 Mississippi Ave

In the Japanese food dreamland that is Sawtelle Blvd., you wouldn’t think a tiny coffee shop would be able to stand out amongst the heavy competition. But Coffee Tomo most certainly does. Their gourmet hand drip coffee is one thing, but their giant soft pretzel game is on another level entirely. Baked in-house every morning and stuffed with sweet potato and cheese (and sometimes jalapeños), this is a version of heaven we never knew was possible.

Photo: Coffee Tomo / Facebook

H Coffee House

1750 Hillhurst Ave

Los Feliz couldn’t have conjured up a more neighborhood-appropriate coffee house if it had commissioned Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a stack of fedoras to do it themselves. Retro-fitted craftsman bungalow? Check. Outdoor porch? You know it. Really good coffee and a food menu that features everything from ricotta toast to ahi tuna tacos? Live and be free, Eastside caffeine-seekers.

Photo: H Coffee House / Facebook

Caffe Luxxe

925 Montana Ave

When it comes to Westside coffee drinking, it doesn’t get much better than Caffe Luxxe. Their espresso and coffee are going to be some of the best you’ll come across. While this shop on Montana doesn’t have the extensive food menu others on this list do, everything from their muffins to croissants to the piles of cookies you see scattered around are excellent, and a much-needed breather from your escalating caffeine rush.


Copa Vida

70 S Raymond Ave

Copa Vida has long been considered one of the better places to grab a cup of joe in Northeast LA, but its breakfast, lunch, and “extended hours” menu are nothing to scoff at either. It’s not every day you wake up with a hankering for a croque madame, but if your day involves Copa Vida, that French classic is definitely in your future. With good wifi, plenty of plugs, and Cal Tech down the street, you and your laptop won’t be the only ones.

Photo: Copa Vida / Facebook

Alfred Coffee {In The Alley}

8509 Melrose Ave

Are you alive and living in Los Angeles? Then you know of Alfred Coffee. It’s arguably the most popular coffee in the city right now and for good reason - it’s good. And while the brand has spread its wings across the city with new locations, the “In The Alley” location on Melrose earns special distinction here. Why? An all-day residency of cult bagel truck Yeastie Boys. Which means everything from lox to The Game Over - a scrambled egg bagel sandwich topped with beer cheese and jalapeno spread. But first, THAT.

Photo: Alfred In The Alley

Philz Coffee

525 Santa Monica Blvd

This Bay Area coffee shop is definitely the biggest chain on the list, but we don’t care. We love Philz so much, and their mint mojito iced coffee lives up to the hype and is what our early morning caffeine dreams are made of. But Philz also has an excellent array of rotating morning bites as well. Like the monkey bread. GET THE MONKEY BREAD.

Photo: Phillz Coffee / Facebook

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