The Koreatown Takeout & Delivery Guide

39 great options for takeout and delivery in Koreatown.
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When it comes to sheer volume of dining options, there isn’t a more restaurant-rich neighborhood in LA than Koreatown. And now, most of those spots have transformed into full-scale takeout and delivery operations. From soup specialists to big-plate BBQ spots to decades-old institutions doing delivery for the first time ever, here are 39 great Ktown spots you can order from today.

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There is no shortage of incredible cold noodle soups to be found in LA, but the ones served at Myung Dong Kyoja continue to be some of our favorite in town. And right now, this Korean soup specialist is running an efficient curbside pick-up system that gets you in and out in a matter of seconds. Plus, they’ve even reserved a special parking spot for those doing pick-up - a true gift if you know how bad parking can get in the area. The spicy cold noodles are a must. Both takeout and delivery are available.

Home to one of LA’s most iconic dishes (galbi jjim), Sun Nong Dan is available for takeout and delivery on most major platforms until 11:30pm every single night. At $84, the galbi jjim might seem a bit on the expensive side, but just know that this giant helping of spicy short ribs, rice cakes, and vegetables can easily feed four adults. The chadol sulung tang (oxtail soup with brisket) should also be on your order.

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Sushi Ye serves very fresh fish in a very small space, and since it’s run by a husband and wife team, a meal here always felt more like a sushi dinner party. The good news is, they’re doing delivery through most apps, so now you truly can have the dinner party of your dreams. The affordable nigiri combinations are where you should concentrate - you can get ten pieces for $30 - and Infatuation readers also recommend the Flower Ball, a mix of spicy salmon, crab meat, and masago wrapped inside soybean paper.

The Corner Place has been serving the people of Ktown since 1982 (a.k.a. The year Sophia Bush was born), and they owe a lot of their longevity to their excellent dong chi mi gook soo, a cold noodle soup served with vermicelli-like noodles in a clear broth. It’s slightly tangy, refreshing, and, for literally the first time ever, it’s actually available to-go. Seriously, this is huge. Take full advantage. Available for takeout through The Corner Place’s website, the rest of the menu is available for delivery through most apps.

When we close our eyes at night, we dream of the day we can return to Ddong Ggo’s iconic patio, filled with soju bottles and chain-smoking college kids. Until that happens, we’ll happily do takeout and delivery. The large menu is full of excellent Korean bar food, but we tend to go for the kimchi seafood pancake and honey fried chicken.

Yes, Magal’s takeout and delivery menu is a fairly paired-down version of their regular one, but it still has plenty of highlights on it. The braised short ribs (they come cooked) are a standout, and though its $60 price tag stings a bit, just know that you’re getting a ton of food. They also have some very tasty stews and gimbaps. Available for both takeout and delivery.

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An ordinary-looking spot on Western serving truly unique food, Mister Bossam specializes in grilled pork ribs with cheese. This is by no means light food, but the steamed egg and corn on the side helps balance out the heaviness of the dish. At $44, it will easily feed two adults. Available for both takeout and delivery.

Three words: Gigantic. Steamed. Dumplings. Approximately the size of a softball, the pork and kimchi dumplings at Myung In are not here to play games. Each order comes with four pieces of the massive mandu (our new Twitter name?), which is the perfect amount for a quick, easy lunch. Or a long one. Even though you’re working from home, you should still take a proper lunch break, you know. Available for takeout and delivery.

Arby’s better watch their backs, because when it comes to the meats, Jeong Yuk Jeom has definitely got them. From prime-grade short ribs to dry-aged beef, the red meat selection here is almost unmatched - and it’s all available for takeout. Call (213) 384-2244 to order.

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: If you’re ordering from Jinsol, you should be ordering the gukbap. It’s a specialty dish that begins with a clear, mostly unseasoned pork broth, then is filled with a variety of sides, like kimchi, salted shrimp, and thinly sliced pork belly. It’s kind of like a choose your own adventure game, but like, a million times more delicious. Available for takeout and delivery.

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Pre-pandemic, the lines here weren’t just long - they were borderline sadistic. We’re talking two hours, minimum. Drunk college students everywhere. And if you came with a group of four, you could guarantee that at least one of you was going to wind up with a parking ticket. So… yeah, we’re taking advantage of this unprecedented time and ordering their massive meat and pork combos to-go. Sue us. Available for takeout and delivery.

The raw crab combo at Master Ha is a truly unique dish, with marinated raw crab served over rice, plus a raw quail egg. You’ll mix it all up, wrap it in nori with some pickled vegetables, and end up with what is basically a really great crab handroll. You should also go for the sul lung tang, a dense, rich soup made from oxtail bones that’s great for cooler days - and hangovers. Available for both takeout and delivery.

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Chef Kang Sul Box

This spot is Permanently Closed.


They opened just before quarantine began, so Chef Kang Sul Box is still a new name to some people in Koreatown, but this spot is absolutely still worth checking out. The fried chicken wings are excellent (it’s the same recipe from the original restaurant, Chef Kang Food Rehab), but we haven’t had a bad thing yet on the menu. The Spam and tofu-filled army stew is a standout. Available for takeout and delivery.

Sun Ha Jang only has two dishes on their takeout menu (a roast duck plate and duck fried rice) and both of them need to be ordered. The duck is pan roasted and comes with purple rice, pickled vegetables, kimchi, and house salad. The fried rice is cooked in the actual duck fat and is one of our favorite versions in town. Both are $16. Call (323) 634-9292 for takeout.

The popular BBQ spot is offering a large takeout and delivery menu filled with Korean tapas, spicy stews, and big platters of meat. You can order everything by cut, but make it easier on yourself and do one of the big combination platters instead.

This Koreatown staple is an all-around excellent restaurant, but the name of the game here will always be bossam. The massive plate of boiled pork belly is our favorite version in town, and at $38 (for the medium size), it’s a steal - considering it’s still enough for 2-3 meals. If you don’t feel like going big, there are lunch specials with smaller portions. Available for takeout and delivery.



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Guelaguetza is an LA institution and home to some of the best Oaxacan food in the city. While a meal from here can go a number of different directions, ordering the Festival de Moles - four different moles served with shredded chicken - is non-negotiable, and the same goes for the queso fundido. They’re available for takeout and delivery on most major platforms.

Back in the good old days (March), Soowon Galbi was what you would call a “Hannah Montana.” With its short wait times, lively atmosphere, and menu of high-quality meats, to eat a meal there was, simply put, to enjoy the best of both worlds. But just because their dining room looks a little different now, that doesn’t mean Soowon is any less of a rockstar - they now have outdoor seating, and you can order their entire menu for takeout and delivery.

If you’re in the mood for Peruvian chicken, there’s no better choice than Pollo a la Brasa. Because damn, does this place know how to roast a bird. Salty, juicy, and crispy, each piece of chicken tastes like it could be the poster child for rotisseries around the world. Plus, a quarter bird served with fries and a salad only costs $7.99. What’s not clicking here? Call (213) 387-1531 to order.

With their high-quality meat selection and upscale dining room, Chosun Galbee definitely falls on the pricier side of the KBBQ spectrum. But unlike the time you paid for express shipping then realized the address was wrong (five days later), the food here is actually worth the extra money. Stick with the classics, and get the Chosun Galbee prime ribs. Available for takeout and delivery, call (323) 734-3330 to order.

Unlike other BBQ spots in Koreatown, the two best things on the menu at Ham Ji Park are prepared in the kitchen: The pork ribs and the pork neck stew. That might seem like a lot of pork for one order, but the sweet and spiciness of the ribs complement the fragrant stew perfectly. Portion sizes are borderline insane, so plan for plenty of leftovers and plenty of fights with your roommates when they try to steal some. Call (213) 365-8773 for takeout, or click here for delivery.

While some turn to ice cream, and others, to removing their clothes (@Nelly) whenever it gets too hot outside, we head to Yu Chun. Why? Their naengmyun. This tiny restaurant on Olympic serves some of the best in town - think giant bowls of thin, handmade noodles, steeped in an ice-cold vinegar broth, then served with boiled beef and radishes. You can also add a dash of hot mustard, if you need a bit of heat… Or you could just put your shirt back on, @Nelly? Available for takeout and delivery.

Home to our favorite meat in the neighborhood, Parks BBQ is a Koreatown institution and has transitioned fairly seamlessly to takeout and delivery. The new menu includes different soups and stews, bibimbap, and of course, big plates of meat. The galbi, marinated in Parks’ house sauce, is a must, but you frankly can’t go wrong with anything that catches your eye.

Though we miss grilling our own patties right at the table, we’ll still happily order takeout from Tokyo Hamburg, because the burgers (they come fully cooked) are simply that good. Throw in a few other delicious Japanese bar snacks, like okonomiyaki and curry udon, and you have an ideal Friday night meal on your hands. Takeout and delivery are available on most major platforms.

Soban is one of Koreatown’s best all-around restaurants, but when it comes to main courses, the slow-braised black cod and the simple, pleasantly salty short rib galbi jjim stew should be your two priorities. Also, order a few extra sides of banchan, Soban makes some of the best. Available for takeout through their website, delivery via most apps.

Though we miss experiencing the retro Americana vibes of their iconic space inside Hotel Normandie, ordering Cassell’s for takeout and delivery is nearly as good. The classic cheeseburger with bacon is a must, but the patty melt might just be the best thing on the menu. Don’t forget a slice of pie and a to-go cocktail, either.

Wako Donkasu has two locations, but one specialty: A Korean take on Japanese tonkatsu. That means you’ll find breaded cutlets (there are a few options, but the pork is the best), served with shredded cabbage salad, miso soup, rice, and a tangy sauce. Call (213) 381-9256 for takeout from their Wilshire location, or click here for delivery.

This spot is Permanently Closed.

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Jeon Ju has a large menu full of excellent soups and bibimbap, but the star of the show will always be the galbi dolsot bibimbap. This massive dish comes filled with galbi (short ribs), eight different vegetables, and a fried egg on top. If you want to kick the heat up a bit, be sure to get some gochujang on the side. Considering it also comes with soup and five different plates of banchan, its $18 price point is one of the best deals in the neighborhood. Available for both takeout and delivery.

There aren’t many frills at this fried chicken shack (it’s literally located in a parking lot across from a Chevron), but you don’t need them. Michin Dak is serving some the hottest, crispiest, and spiciest Korean chicken in town. All you need to do is choose between wings, tenders, or gang jung (a.k.a. Korean popcorn chicken), then determine your spice level. And be careful - there’s a “blood, sweat, and tears” option that’s not to be underestimated. Available for takeout and delivery.

Young King serves fantastic Korean-Chinese food, and there are a couple of classics here that deserve your attention: the cha chiang mein (noodles in caramelized black bean sauce) and the tangsuyuk (crispy fried pork with sweet and sour sauce on the side). Available for takeout and delivery or you can call them directly at (213) 487-6154.

Located in the same strip mall as Sun Nong Dan (and the 7-Eleven on 6th St. that’s saved your life no less than a dozen times), Hangari Bajirak is a Korean soup spot that specializes in kalguksu, or knife-cut noodles. There’s a few broths to choose from, but we always go for the spicy seafood - loaded with shrimp, crab, mussel, clams, zucchini, kabocha, green onions, and the aforementioned noodles. There’s no better way to decompress after a long day of staring at your computer and pretending to be active on Slack. Available for takeout, delivery, and limited outdoor dining.

There’s a lot of budae jjigae in this town, but our favorite can be found at Chunju Han Il Kwan. Also known as “army stew,” this bubbling pot of sausage, Spam, ramen noodles, and cabbage has everything a good soldier - or as they’re called in LA, “Executive Assistants” - could ever need. Available for takeout and delivery.

You know what everyone’s life could stand to be right now? Easier. So we’ll make this simple - order the sul lung tang (oxtail soup). Served piping hot and filled with green onions, kimchi radishes, plus a protein of your choice (we choose the brisket), this is the kind of soul-nourishing soup you want when you need some extra comfort, stat. Available for takeout and delivery.

Contrary to popular belief (and your co-worker’s Instagram strategy), sometimes, less is more. Take Bonjuk for example - this quiet spot on Wilshire is as sleepy as they come, but their tremendous bowls of porridge speak for themselves. Our go-tos are the ones made with ginseng chicken and mixed seafood (abalone, shrimp, mussels, etc.). Available for takeout and delivery.

You won’t find any bulgogi or brisket at this KBBQ spot - Jae Bu Do is all about creatures of the sea. And between the abalone, sea eel, and charcoaled hagfish, their menu is packed with so much seafood, you could essentially Frankenstein together the entire Monterey Bay Aquarium with a single order. Too dark? Available for takeout and delivery, call (323) 467-2900 to order.

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