The LA (Takeout) Dinner & A Movie Guide

Where to order from, and what to watch: We pick some of our favorite spots for delivery, and pair a movie with them.
The LA (Takeout) Dinner & A Movie Guide image

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Dinner and a movie is a timeless combination. And while you can’t exactly head to a theater, you don’t really have to - there’s plenty to watch at home, and even more to order for delivery or takeout (how’s that for optimism?). So we’re here to make sure you’re doing dinner and a movie right. Below, you’ll find our picks for great delivery, and which classic movie you should pair it with. We’ll be updating regularly, but for now, here are 30 combinations to keep your quarantine nights feeling fun, and hopefully, just a bit more normal.

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Movie Pairing:The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (HBO Max)

“What kind of restaurant pairs best with a two-hour-and-forty-minute, semi-transcendental art-house Western starring Brad Pitt? The Old Place, of course - mainly because this sepia-toned saloon and steakhouse up in the Santa Monica Mountains feels like the kind of place where you’d find Jesse James drinking at the bar. During the late 1800s (when James was still alive and kicking), it was a general store and post office. In the 1970s (when Pitt was a teenager), it became a hangout for outlaw actors like Steve McQueen. And now, after a lengthy closure during the pandemic, it’s open for outdoor dining and takeout, too. Not only are their huge, oak-grilled steaks fantastic, but the drive up to Cornell is as breathtaking as the cinematography in the film - shout out to Roger Deakins - and, on occasion, it can also take two hours and forty minutes to get there.” - JM

Movie Pairing:The Cabin In The Woods (Hulu)

“I want to say that Cabin In The Woods is one of the most underrated horror movies of the last decade, but that wouldn’t be fair - it’s not really a horror movie. It’s a horror-comedy-sci-fi-camp-thriller-think-piece and a true roller coaster of emotions from start to finish. And the only way you’re going to get through it is with some comfort food - the kind you can only get at Kuya Lord. The Filipino pop-up is run by a former Bestia sous-chef out of his house in La Canada-Flintridge, with a rotating menu that includes everything from blue prawns to Filipino-style BBQ chicken to the best pancit we’ve ever eaten in LA. Trust us, you’ll need all three when the giant hand comes out of the ground at the end. Sh*t, did I give too much away?” - BC

Movie Pairing:Miss Juneteenth (Prime)

“Nothing moves me to instant, body-wracking tears quite like seeing a mother/daughter relationship on screen. And while there are plenty of reasons why that might be, this is neither the time, nor place to unpack that (it’s Tuesdays at 7pm). So let’s just stick to Miss Juneteenth. Part coming-of-age story, half slice-of-life drama, this tender film explores the intersections of motherhood, poverty, and the all-too-real “This is your dream, not mine” movie trope. Plus, the lead character works in a BBQ restaurant, so in addition to becoming painfully aware of how long it’s been since you’ve talked to your mom, you’ll also be pretty hungry. Place an order at Gold Land and get The Rambler - this giant sampler of house-smoked tri-tip, roasted chicken, sliced linguica, and Southern sides is so hearty and comforting, it’s essentially the food version of a maternal embrace. Oh, and call your mom back.” -KH

Movie Pairing:Have A Good Trip: Adventures In Psychedelics (Netflix)

“This new Netflix sorta-doc is basically just Party Legends with a bigger budget, as a bunch of celebs (Sarah Silverman, A$AP Rocky, Sting, etc.) narrate animated versions of their greatest psychedelic experiences. Is it good? Not really, though if you enjoy the occasional spontaneous flashback, I can’t recommend it enough. And since a whole lot of the film deals with mushrooms, do yourself a favor and order Tacos 1986’s hongos tacos. Served on a handmade corn tortilla, the mushrooms are perfectly sauteed and seasoned, then doused in a tangy salsa ranchera I’d chug a gallon of. Are they psychedelic? No, but they areavailable for takeout and delivery, the latter of which might come in handy if the thought of leaving your couch terrifies you.” - JM

Movie Pairing:Italianamerican (The Criterion Collection)

“Whenever I need a quick, easy, straight-to-the-system jolt of comfort, I turn to two things: Italianamerican and Brent’s Deli. The first follows a (then) 32-year-old Martin Scorsese as he interviews his parents about everything from post-war Italy to the family’s famous meatball recipe. And while it’s fun to see his childhood home (and to watch him squirm while his mother chastises him), what’s really great is his parents’ banter - relentless, borderline-mocking, and always full of love, it’s obvious that these two have spent a very full life together. Pair this with the pastrami Reuben sandwich from Brent’s Deli (which is served on rye and can be made with curly fries), and you’ve got a one-way-ticket to serotonin town. Both their Westlake and Northridge locations are available for takeout and delivery, call (805) 557-1882 or (818) 886-5679, or find them on various delivery platforms.” -KH

Movie Pairing:Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Starz)

“Two iconic LA Mexican restaurants are featured heavily in the last act of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. El Coyote, the spot on Beverly where Sharon Tate had her last meal, and Casa Vega, where Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth (Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt) have a meal the same night. One where they get absolutely hammered. So I suggest ordering an enchilada house platter to go along with the half-gallon margarita you order. It’s $30, which is roughly eight servings. I’d also suggest sharing if you want to remember the ending of the movie, which you certainly do.” - BK

photo credit: Jakob Layman

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Movie Pairing:There Will Be Blood (Netflix)

“There’s no better main course for a true Daniel Plainview-style dinner than a big piece of beef from APL. This Hollywood steakhouse is certainly fancy enough for any self-respecting oil man, and they’ve got NY strip steaks and BBQ platters for takeout - not to mention brisket, fried chicken, and Cornish game hen. Whether you choose to eat them with a napkin draped over your head is entirely up to you.” - JM

Movie Pairing:Camp (Prime)

“If you grew up going to theater camp like I did, Camp was a cultural tentpole and ‘Here’s Where I Stand’ is still a song you scream-sing regularly in the shower. If you weren’t a theater kid, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Either way, this is a movie you need to be watching. For one, it boasts a 16-year-old Anna Kendrick literally poisoning another girl to get the lead role in the musical, but most importantly, it’s the perfect excuse to order Cassell’s. The classic Koreatown diner serves some of our favorite burgers and shakes in town, and that’s exactly what you should be eating while soaking in the simple, childhood nostalgia of summer camp.” - BC

Movie Pairing:Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (Prime)

“While the ’80s had The Blues Brothers and the ’90s had Wayne’s World, my generation’s troupe of Lorne Michaels-affiliated white boys is The Lonely Island. And although their careers are filled with important, hyperintellectual work like ‘J*zz In My Pants’ and ‘Threw It On The Ground,’ my favorite is Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, a 2016 mockumentary starring Andy Samberg as an annoying, slightly jacked ‘Justin Bieber type.’ It’s both completely stupid and Mensa-level genius, and when I want to experience that same high-low combination, I turn to my ‘college special’ - freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano over Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli. For the cheese, my go-to spot is Say Cheese in Silver Lake, because of their friendly, non-pretentious staff, and their wide selection of specialty cheeses (which they will let you sample). For the can of le chef, I just go to the grocery store.” - KH

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Movie Pairing:Punch-Drunk Love (Hulu)

“Before Uncut Gems, there was Punch-Drunk Love, the excellent Paul Thomas Anderson movie that showed what Adam Sandler was capable of when he decided to, you know, act. It’s only 95 minutes long, but filled with relentless, slowly ratcheting tension (plus romance and the occasional physical altercation). So to-go cocktails from Melrose Umbrella Co. are the ideal accompaniment. My favorites are their traditional mai tai, or the Ring Of Fire - a perfect balance of mezcal, aged cachaca, Aperol, lime, habañero, and ginger. Like Sandler’s character, these tiki-style drinks are sweet, boozy, and likely to knock me out.” - BK

Movie Pairing:Mamma Mia! (Hulu)

“Is this pairing a bit on-the-nose? Of course it is. But I also watched Mamma Mia! four times in a row on a turbulence-filled flight to Asia last year, and I regret absolutely nothing. Besides, now you have the perfect excuse to call up Papa Cristo’s. The classic Greek deli/market on Pico makes my favorite Greek food in LA, and their entire menu (plus some meal kits) are available for delivery. I love their saganaki, spanakopita, and Greek yogurt and honey, but frankly, you can’t go wrong with anything. So just do what I do and over-order - you’ll need the leftovers for your fourth viewing anyway.” - BC

Movie Pairing:The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Prime)

“There are so many reasons to love The Last Black Man in San Francisco - the incredible cinematography, the ways it weaves in complex issues like gentrification and displacement without being heavy-handed, Danny Glover. Plus, it’s a two-hour love-letter to the San Francisco I know and love. One of my favorite memories from when I lived there was when I’d walk to Irving St. with my boyfriend at the time, and we’d order all the char siu, bao, and duck we could carry, then pick it all apart with our hands while watching French bulldogs celebrate their birthday in Golden Gate Park (this absolutely a real anecdote). And while we can’t do that anymore, you can still order whole Peking ducks from Lu Din Gee, a Taiwanese restaurant in Monterey Park that specializes in Beijing-style birds, inexplicably. Call (626) 284-3227 to set up a delivery or takeout.” - KH

Movie Pairing:At Eternity’s Gate (Hulu)

“Artists tend to be a bit obsessive - we’ve learned that in a lot of movies, but especially in At Eternity’s Gate, a beautiful film about the end of Vincent Van Gogh’s life. Willem Dafoe plays Van Gogh in an appropriately strange, perfectionistic way. Watching his performance, I was reminded of Spoon & Pork’s tremendous Filipino food - they’re obsessive when it comes to perfecting pork. That’s clearest when I eat the patita, their slow-cooked, deep-fried pork shank that’s doused in chili garlic, and is equal parts crispy, salty, and moist every time. There’s something beautiful about perfection - and you’ll know it when you taste that patita.” - BK

Movie Pairing:Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Netflix)

“As a Chicagoland native, I know that few movies are dearer to the people of The Windy City than Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So lean into that fact and order delivery from Masa while you watch. The family-owned restaurant in Echo Park is run by Illinois natives and their buttery, perfectly constructed deep-dish pizza is proof. I tend to go for The Traditional (sweet sausage and mushroom), because that’s what I grew up eating, but you can’t really go wrong with any of the pies. Just be sure to throw in a manchego salad and bread pudding as well. Then sit back, embrace your food coma, and gaze in stunned amazement at how well this film holds up.” - BC

Movie Pairing:Blade Runner (Netflix)

“Despite the fact that Blade Runner is set in ‘Los Angeles, November 2019,’ we still don’t have flying cars or replicants (unless you count the Kardashians). And while you could mourn society’s decided lack of technological progress, I’ve got a better idea: An order from Destroyer, the futuristic Culver City spot that actually feels like it could be in Ridley Scott’s film. They’re open for outdoor dining, delivery, and pick-up from 9am-5pm (and have an online marketplace of goods and sundries, too), which means you can enjoy dishes like raw oatmeal with a vanilla disk or rice porridge with chicken while you attempt to figure out if Deckard was a robot or not.” - JM

Movie Pairing:The Favourite (Hulu)

The Favourite is all about satisfying appetites. The ones in the movie are a bit more illicit than truffles and butter (although Olivia Colman’s Queen Anne does have a soft spot for rich desserts), but Marvin’s fantastic French-ish food makes me feel like an indulgent 18th century royal. Their delivery dinners have recently included fettucini with black truffles, beef bourguignon pot pie, and rigatoni Bolognese. Be sure to order a few bottles of Burgundy, so you can get appropriately as drunk as the three fantastic leads in the film. For menus and ordering info, check out their Instagram.” - BK

Movie Pairing:The First Wives Club (Netflix)

“Don’t fact-check me on this, but I’m pretty sure there’s a law saying you can’t watch The First Wives Club without drinking your weight in wine in the process. So, make sure you secure a delivery from Wally’s. The Beverly Hills wine bar has one of the largest (and best) wine stocks in the city, plus solid snacks like flatbreads, truffle popcorn, and charcuterie boards to keep from getting too drunk. Not that Goldie, Bette, and Diane would judge you for it - I just want to make sure you make it to the end for the dance number.” - BC

Movie Pairing:Moana (Disney+)

“I’ve been feeling increasingly like Moana lately, trapped on an island (my house), not allowed to leave. Unlike this Disney heroine, I’m not going to get in a boat to find Dwayne Johnson and defeat an angry Polynesian god. But like her - I assume, since she was on a boat for a while - I want to eat some extremely fresh fish during this movie. Fish King, the Hawaiian-ish spot in Glendale, is the ideal place for it. In addition to serving Hawaiian-style poke, they’ve also got a great fried fish sandwich, grilled fish plates involving everything from bonito to mahi mahi, and clam chowder, all available for takeout and delivery. For more info, call (818) 244-2161.” - BK

Movie Pairing:Get Out (Prime)

“Yes, the takeaway from Get Out is that being a person of color in America oftentimes feels like being in a horror movie. I get that. I think it’s genius. I would have given Jordan Peele the Best Original Screenplay Oscar a second time if I could. So when Catherine Keener sends Daniel Kaluuya to the Sunken Place with a cup of tea, the correct response probably isn’t “When was the last time I had a good cup?” But if you’re like me, place an order at Steep. This modern tea house in Chinatown serves a variety of loose-leaf teas like green tangerine pu-erh, shan lin xi oolong, and spring snail green tea, as well as pre-made versions of their blacks, greens, and oolongs for those who don’t have a strainer. If you’re hungry, they also have Taiwanese dishes to go, like braised pork rice with a marinated egg and pork butter with beef broth. Order directly from their website for takeout.” - KH

Movie Pairing:Midsommar (Prime)

“It might not include any psychedelic mushrooms, and it definitely doesn’t include a bear, but if you’re looking to recreate the bacchanal brutality of Midsommar, a Market Box from All Time is the way to go. The contents change often, but you can expect bright and bountiful amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, all of which would look great in your May Queen crown. They’ve also got baked goods (perfect for you to hide a pubic hair in, thus completing your love spell) and deluxe 12-bottle wine kits, which cost $1,500. And while that might seem like a lot, remember, your village only celebrates this festival once every 90 years.” - JM

Movie Pairing:Moonrise Kingdom (Prime)

“I grew up in a coastal New England town that looks suspiciously like the one in Moonrise Kingdom, and eating at Broad Street Oyster feels a bit like going home for me. The hot lobster roll should be your order here, along with some fantastic popcorn shrimp, oysters, and the Beach Burger. Plus, I’m pretty sure the restaurant was decorated with discarded set pieces from the movie. Broad Street is available for pick-up and delivery. Check out their Instagram for more information.” - BK

Movie Pairing:Tampopo (iTunes)

“Heartwarming, absurdist, and filled with food shots that rival Chef’s Table, Tampopo just might be one of the greatest films ever made about food. And while it would have been easy to pick any one of LA’s great ramen spots to pair with a viewing, I’d choose to watch it while eating one of the many home-style Japanese dishes from Azay, like a breakfast set made with broiled fish, bowls of unagi, or their daily bento box. Or try the omurice, a simple staple that’s featured in one of my favorite scenes, where a gooey, runny omelet is folded over a bed of fried rice then drizzled in ketchup - which, surprisingly, is only the second-best scene in this movie that involves an egg. Check their Instagram, call (213) 628-3431, or email to place a takeout order.” - KH

Movie Pairing:Goodfellas (Netflix)

“Interested in constantly reminding your younger brother to ‘Keep an eye on the sauce’ while you alternately attempt to unload some unlicensed handguns, snort drugs, and dodge a DEA helicopter? Osteria La Buca’s new All Day Menu is for you. They’ve got family-style portions of spaghetti pomodoro, rigatoni Bolognese, and chicken parm that’ll feed up to six, plus house sauces and pastas, all available for takeout or delivery. Even if you don’t have an evening of illegal activities planned, an order from Osteria is still a great idea - and if you blast Harry Nilsson’s ‘Jump Into The Fire’ while you’re picking up your food, you’ll literally be a Goodfella.” - JM

Movie Pairing:Christmas Vacation (Hulu)

“A Christmas movie? In the spring? Welcome to life in the quarantine, baby. Though the original Vacation is probably the best of the series, Christmas Vacation boasts a cornucopia of iconic moments that defined my childhood: A cat getting electrocuted, a rabid squirrel terrorizing the house, and Cousin Eddie kindly telling the neighbors that ‘The sh*tter’s full.’ And there isn’t a better way to watch this masterpiece than with a holiday meal of your own from Birdie G’s. The Santa Monica comfort food spot has a delivery menu filled with everything from matzo ball soup to noodle kugel to whole chicken in a tropical sauce - the latter of which pairs poetically with the Griswold’s incinerated turkey.” - BC

Movie Pairing:The World’s End (Prime)

“Every time I see this movie about a fantastically epic pub crawl, it makes me want to crack a beer. Or, as the plot gets crazier and crazier, like 17 of them. Fortunately, Highland Park Brewery has their beer pick-up system down pat, and even delivers to most areas of the Eastside - check out their Instagram for more details. So I highly recommend stocking up on some insanely fresh beer (I went last week and got some four-packs that had literally been canned that day) - go for the Hello, LA (a clear, pine-forward West Coast IPA) and the America’s Preference, a crisp, dry, extremely drinkable pils.” - BK

Movie Pairing:The Devil Wears Prada (Prime)

“Maybe it’s the excessively appetizing frying sounds the foley artist scrounged up, or the ‘$8 worth of Jarlsberg’ he claims it contains, but when Andy’s ‘chef’ boyfriend (I use quotations here because he has an awful lot of free time at night for someone who claims to be in the restaurant industry) whips up a grilled cheese for her in their New York apartment, two things become abundantly clear: I’ve never made a grilled cheese like that in my entire life, and I need to be eating one, like, right now. But Gigi’s can actually do you one better - not only does this Cuban bakery sell one of the most perfectly pressed Cubanos known to man, but they also serve a variety of pastries like pastelitos de guayaba queso (guava cheese strudels) and their famous potato ball - all of which are still available to-go. Find more info on their website.” - KH

Movie Pairing:The Lighthouse (iTunes)

“If you’ve got a roommate, chances are, you’re already feeling like Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse, so you might as well lean into it and order dinner from Dudley Market in Venice. Open for outdoor dining and pick-up, they put their fishing boat to good use, and every day they’re offering fresh-caught fish, not to mention favorites like their pork and clam toast and The Dudley Burger. Unfortunately, Dudley doesn’t sell lobster, which means no one will get to shout ‘You’re fond of me lobster!’ before invoking Neptune’s fury.” - JM

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