The LA Dinner & A (Horror) Movie Double Feature

The Infatuation’s back with more dinner & movie pairings, and this time, they’re ~SPOOKY~ 🎃
The LA Dinner & A (Horror) Movie Double Feature image

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As you could probably tell by now, there’s nothing we love more than a good dinner & movie combo. Well... except for when that movie is SPOOKY! (Cue the Psycho theme.) That’s right, from Japanese horror flicks to chicken liver crostone worthy of Hannibal Lecter himself, you’ll find eight of our Infatuation Staff’s favorite Halloween movies below, each paired with an incredible LA restaurant. Any questions?

The (Spooky) Spots



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Movie Pairing:Goodnight Mommy (Hulu)

“JFC, this movie is terrifying. After undergoing intensive facial reconstructive surgery, an Austrian mother returns home to her two twin boys, who become increasingly convinced that she’s been replaced by a sinister intruder. Hilarity ensues. Just kidding - the next 100 minutes contain a horrific, stomach-churning mix of suspense, gory pyrotechnics, and straight-up torture - which is to say, by the end of it, you’ll be in need of some comfort food when it all becomes too much. My advice? Place an order at Brent’s, a classic delicatessen in The Valley, and go extra hard on the matzo ball soup.” - Kat Hong

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Movie Pairing:The Silence Of The Lambs (Netflix)

“I suspect even Hannibal Lecter would love Alimento’s chicken liver crostone, even if it doesn’t come with fava beans. It’s one of my favorite starters in the city, served on house-baked bread with a sweet, vinegar-y black plum mostarda. And while they might not have a Chianti on their excellent wine list - sorry again, Dr. Lecter - their aglianico is a great substitute. Order some radiatori with braised pork sugo and a chicken Milanese sandwich while you’re at it, to fortify yourself for the endless debates about whether or not this is actually a horror movie.” - Brett Keating

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Movie Pairing:House (HBO Max)

“Not to be confused with the Fox medical drama where Hugh Laurie chewed up the scenery, House is a Japanese cult comedy/horror film from the ’70s where it’s the titular home doing the chewing. Of teenage girls. Who are vacationing at a mysterious woman’s old mansion. Or something. The plot doesn’t really make much sense, most of the actors are amateurs (at best), and the special effects aren’t very special. But none of that matters; House is more of an experience than a scary movie, and despite its shortcomings, it’s been surprisingly influential on the past four decades of horror films. So, uh, in keeping with that spirit, order takeout from Philippe The Original, (probably) the creator of one of the most influential sandwiches of all time - the French Dip. Get it double-dipped, or forever be banished to a spooky haunted house.” - James Montgomery

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Movie Pairing:Vampires Vs. The Bronx (Netflix)

Vampires Vs. The Bronx just came out a few weeks ago on Netflix, but it’s already one of my favorite new movies of the year. It follows a group of Bronx teenagers who are forced to unite their neighborhood as they fight a group of invading vampires (who also happen to be high-powered landlords). It’s whip-smart, hilarious, touching, and breathes completely new life into a very played out genre. And as you’re watching, be sure to order from Little Coyote in Long Beach. This New York-style pizzeria has fantastic pies (the white pizza is a standout) with massive slices you can fold in half, crispy thin crust that’s been buttered within an inch of its life, and classic toppings that range from pepperoni to sausage and mushrooms. That said, no order is complete without a meatball sub as well.” - Brant Cox

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Movie Pairing:Hotel Transylvania (Hulu)

“There’s nothing revolutionary about this animated flick - the plot’s pretty predictable, the humor, a bit one-note, and within the first ten minutes, you’ll realize that Adam Sandler’s Count Dracula is just a toned-down version of Opera Man. But what Hotel Transylvania lacks in ingenuity, it more than makes up for in pleasantry - delightful and charming in the most mild of ways, watching it is like taking a dose of CBD straight to the face. Both the movie (and the CBD) actually pair really nicely with Fugetsu-Do’s mochi. Don’t get me wrong, unlike the movie, the treats at this old-school Little Tokyo confectionery are far from mediocre - soft, supple, and stuffed with fillings like fresh strawberries and chocolate ganache, they’re a perfect, pleasant snack for when everything else in the world is… well, not that.” - KH

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Movie Pairing:Annihilation (Prime Video)

“IDK what to say about Alex Garland’s overlooked, overstuffed, oft-misunderstood film. It’s visually stunning, incredibly scored, psychologically scarring, and really focused on body horror (without giving too much away, there’s a whole lot of inter-species DNA swapping going on). The last 20 minutes will definitely test your sanity, and a whole lot of it might not make a ton of sense, so just keep things simple and pick up a few pies from my favorite pizza spot in LA, Hail Mary Pizza. I love the spicy Pep Pep, with chorizo and pepperoncinis, and the savory Lord Cheezus, but everything comes on a slightly funky sourdough crust, so you can rest easy, knowing there are no bad choices here. You’ll need that extra brain space to process everything you just watched.” - JM

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This spot is Permanently Closed.

Movie Pairing:Mother! (Prime Video)

“My Mother! recommendation comes with a couple caveats. The first is that this Darren Aronofsky movie contains one of the most genuinely horrific scenes I’ve ever witnessed, and the second is that a lot of people straight-up think the movie sucks. However - I love it, and depending on how well its central metaphor works for you, you might, too. Regardless, you’re definitely not going to be able to eat meat for days after watching it, so some comforting vegan fast food from Honeybee Burger will serve you well. Order the Queen Bee (a vegan Double-Double), an Oreo shake, and some sweet potato Frots (a French fry/tater tot combo).” - BK

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Movie Pairing:The Birds (Prime Video)

“Of all the things I avoid in the world (of which there are many), birds are easily in the top three. For one, they’re completely unpredictable. Secondly, they’re incapable of love, and yet, still sense human fear. Most importantly though, they’re actual descendants of dinosaurs. Sorry, but that’s a combination I refuse to mess with. It’s also why Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds still hits home every time I see it. If you choose to watch the 1963 masterpiece this week (something I highly recommend), make sure you accompany it with the ultimate poultry power grab - Kismet Rotisserie. Nothing says ‘F*ck you, fledglings’ more than slicing into a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken as the winged monsters wreak havoc on Bodega Bay, CA.” - BC

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