Where To Have A Power Breakfast Meeting

All the best spots for your next big-deal breakfast meeting.

Breakfast meetings can be a tough proposition - there are a lot of things you have to get right at a time when no one’s had any coffee yet. Ideally there should be a little bit of a scene, but not so much of one that confidential information has to be shouted. Tables should be big enough to spread some papers around. And while the food should be good, it’s also not really the main event. We can help. Next time you’re setting up a breakfast meeting for your boss, make it at one of these spots. Whether you can convince them to bring you back some pastries is on you.

The Spots

Sure, you’ll pay $33 for a plate of scrambled eggs and a side of spinach, but when you want to get the deal done (and look good doing it), Jean-Georges is where you go for breakfast. Located inside the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, this hotel restaurant won’t impress your client with their objectively run-of-the-mill food, but no one’s here to ooh-and-ahh over fluffy pancakes. You’re here to snag that investment, throw down the corporate card, and waltz merrily back to the office.

Destroyer doesn’t have the stuffy opulence of some of the other high-end spots on this list, and that’s a good thing. Because this Culver City standout impresses simply by being different. Located in the tech-heavy neighborhood of Hayden Tract, this order-at-the-counter spot feels like you’re eating breakfast in the future, where menus are projected on the wall and your raw oatmeal comes topped with a disk of dehydrated vanilla. It’s a strange place, but the food is fantastic, and your tech buddy will definitely think you’re cooler for suggesting it.

Located inside the Mondrian on the Sunset Strip, Ivory on Sunset is a restaurant built solely to make power brokers look good - but the secret here is you can actually get a decent breakfast, too. Most of the big items fall under $20 (a steal in this part of town) and the vegetarian breakfast wrap is way better than it needs to be. The views are fantastic and if you come before 10am, you’ll beat all the screeching tourists who are still asleep in their rooms upstairs.

Jon & Vinny’s needs no introduction, but just in case you’re new to Earth, this casual Italian restaurant on Fairfax is one of the most popular spots in the city. But most people don’t seem to realize that Jon & Vinny’s opens every day at 8am - meaning you can basically walk in whenever you want before 11am and find a seat. Their breakfast menu has everything from fresh pastries to a BLT with a fried egg, and if you’re craving pizza, they serve those, too. And yes, we always endorse eating pizza in the morning.

Smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood, Cecconi’s is consistently filled with agents, wannabe agents, and people with plenty of money but highly vague occupations. So yeah - it’s a scene. Having said that, mornings are generally more low-key. If healthy options are a must, Cecconi’s has a section of the menu devoted to plant-based bowls (because paying $13 for a bowl of seeds and sprouts is the ultimate power move), but if you want something more substantial, they’ve got a Full English Breakfast, too.

If there’s a place that invented the power breakfast, it’s probably The Polo Lounge, despite the fact that the food here is now downright terrible. This restaurant in the Beverly Hills Hotel was where Old Hollywood came for pancakes and eggs, and it’s still a favorite of producers, directors, and stars who order $49 lobster eggs Benedict (just kidding, no one who works in Hollywood would willingly eat that much butter). If your boss thinks they’re the next Ari Emanuel, you should just book every breakfast meeting here.

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For fancy breakfast on the Westside, it doesn’t get much better than Gjelina. Weekday mornings are more laid-back than the insanity of dinner here, which means stupidly young millionaires and Venice locals who “freelance” are the types of people you’ll be eating next to. You can go big on duck confit for the first meal of the day, or stick to the classics - eggs, bacon, and pancakes are all present.

If restaurants could win Oscars, Republique would sweep the Best All-Purpose Eating Place award. That said, weekday breakfast is possibly our favorite time to be here, when you order at the counter before finding a spot in the giant, beautiful dining room. This is definitely better for more casual meetings (you will not be fawned over by the waitstaff), but any excuse for their kouign-amann is a good excuse.

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There’s always one. You know, the person who won’t leave the Westside, and also hints (not very subtly) that they need a place to accommodate their vegan, gluten-free, fun-free diet. The Butcher’s Daughter makes things easy - the bright space has big booths that work for meetings, and a menu that will make both picky eaters and everything eaters happy.

For every Westsider scared of crossing the 405, there are three Eastsiders for whom the thought of leaving the Los Feliz-Silver Lake-Echo Park vicinity is a fate worse than death. But those people also have Little Dom’s, so we can’t really blame them. This is a relatively low-key option, to the extent that you consider having a breakfast pizza at a work meeting low-key.

Not a whole lot happens in Brentwood, but given the high ratio of studio executives/movie stars to normal people that live here, power breakfasts are to be expected. And the best spot for them is Farmshop in the Brentwood Country Mart. Breakfast starts early at 7:30am (but you should probably get to your Tracy Anderson class beforehand) and sticks to upscale classics. If you don’t give a sh*t about Tracy Anderson, direct your attention to the baked goods here.

Beverly Hills is power-breakfast central, but at first look, Nate ’n Al is not a spot that would make the list. The Jewish deli on N. Beverly Drive has an enormous menu, brown leather booths as far as the eye can see, and waitresses who’ve been working there for 20 years and call you “Hon,” but it’s also a favorite hangout of studio execs who miss New York and like to wear leisure suits to breakfast. Nate ’n Al is where you get business done over a giant plate of matzo brei.

Breakfast meetings aren’t really about the food. Most of the time they’re about convenience (generally measured in the number of steps from your office), and the need to show another human that you are cool/intimidating/very important. All of which makes Bottega Louie the perfect place for a breakfast meeting in DTLA. The space is big and pretty, and the food is fine and priced at company card-appropriate levels.

Does your boss (or the person they’re meeting with) have a superiority complex? Of course they do - so set up their breakfast meetings at the Tower Bar. The menu has everything you’d expect, plus a Continental buffet, but more importantly, there’s a strict “No photos” policy, which is guaranteed to inflate egos of every size.

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