The Best Late Night Restaurants In Los Angeles

The 35 best late-night options in LA.

You’re picking up a friend at LAX one night and you’re both bitter and starving. You get out of work late after finishing an exhausting project and you’d like to not punish your stomach with Del Taco. Or maybe you just swan-dived off a table during K-Town karaoke and it’s time to reward yourself with some 3am glory wings.

Whatever the reason, you’re bound to crave some late-night nourishment at some point in time. And when you do, don’t panic. Though it seems like everything in LA closes at 9pm, it certainly doesn’t. Grab your favorite stumbling friends, your last ounce of dignity, and get to it. Here is an updated list of the best spots that serve food past 11pm in Los Angeles.


When you don’t want the night to end quite yet, but you’re done drinking, the answer is always Sanamluang. Sure, there are other Thai spots in East Hollywood that stay open even later (Sanamluang is currently operating till 1:45am), but the food here doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience. Sit in the strip mall parking lot under the glow of neon lights, and order tender duck curry, lard nah, and a huge portions of tom yum in the wee hours of the morning. The meat in every dish, especially the noodles, is always tender, the vegetables vibrant, and the service fast. We also are firm believers that the Sanamluang noodle soup cures your hangovers before they have a chance to hit.

With a good-sized bar area and back patio, Las Perlas Weho is the kind of place that works just as well for rowdy groups on the weekend as it does for casual mid-week drinks with a coworker. The cocktails are fantastic (we love the strong kick from the Spiced Daisy), there’s a daily Happy Hour from 5-8pm, and live music on Friday nights. Whatever you do though, be sure to order some food, which is currently being run by Moderno Cocina Libre in the patio until 1am every night. You can’t go wrong with any of the tacos (the tortillas are all made in-house), but the chicharron is some of the best we’ve ever had. 

The Apple Pan hasn’t really changed much since it opened on April 11, in 1947, and that’s about all you need to know. This LA institution has more than earned its place in LA burger lore, and while the classic hickory burger isn’t our absolute favorite among the old-school spots, it’s still pretty tasty. Come pay your late-night respects and get a delicious banana cream pie on your way out. Open until midnight on the weekends.

The classic spot recently opened a second Koreatown location on Western Ave. where the lights stay on 24 hours a day (the original stays open until 1:30am). That said, whether you come at 2pm or 2am, you’ll see groups huddled around massive cauldrons of galbi jjim (huge cast-iron plates of spicy, tender short ribs, rice cakes, and vegetables in a red galbi sauce). Order it with cheese on top, and they’ll blow torch it at your table until it’s melted and bubbly. Beyond this incredible stew, the soups are also worth your time. Order our favorite, the oxtail with brisket - you’ll thank us later when you’re stumbling out of Toe Bang at 2am but still have energy for karaoke.

Open from 6pm - midnight Friday through Sunday, this graffitied taco truck across the street from a McDonald’s in East LA has long lines on the weekend for a reason. You’re going to want an order of bacon-wrapped shrimp, but no matter what, you can’t leave here without few cecina tacos - thinly sliced, salt-cured beef with chile de arbol salsa on top.

There’s really nothing quite like walking into Dan Sung Sa at midnight on a Saturday. The dark, all-wood tavern is jam-packed, the smoke from the central grill fills every nook and cranny, and everyone is drinking soju like it’s the last batch in the world. In short, it’s a chaotic dreamscape. The large menu is full of skewers, scallion pancakes, and other excellent Korean bar food, and everything is designed to help your body soak up the alcohol.

The Escondite is one of those Downtown spots that you either know about or you don’t. And if you do know about it, you don’t want anybody else to. That’s because this somewhat hidden bar/restaurant kind of has it all: live music, no cover, excellent drinks, a patio with great views of the Downtown skyline, and good bar food (get any burger) available until 1am every night. Just don’t tell anybody.

Father’s Office is both a good place to drink and a great place for that fourth meal you inevitably require after going out. This spot in Culver City has good cocktails, and arguably LA’s best craft beer selection. Their kitchen is open until midnight on weekends, so after you try (and fail) to sample every double IPA on the menu, you can order a burger and some fries. The burger is controversial - you’re not allowed to modify it, there’s no ketchup, and it comes on a sub roll rather than a bun - but after a couple bites, the semantics of whether this is a burger or a sandwich won’t matter. It’s just really good.

If you don’t at least secretly crave chicken and waffles after a long night of drinking, you’re lying to us and yourself. Roscoe’s has been around since 1975 and is a flat-out LA institution. They deep-fry their chicken in the same batter as they make their waffles and yes, it’s sob-inducing. Maybe you were already crying because you saw your ex looking happy on Instagram a few hours ago, but these will be tears of joy. Their Hollywood location is open until midnight every night of the week.

Everson Royce Bar is one of those places that makes getting everything right look easy. The small interior of this Arts District spot is dark and intimate (and ideal for some date night extracurriculars), and the back patio is a party you’ll never want to end. The food menu doesn’t look too different than any other bar menu around town, but don’t let that fool you - it’s excellent. And that burger is one of the best you’ll find in LA. The kitchen is open until 1am Monday through Saturday.

Greetings from our favorite Eastside drunk food diner. Admittedly, Fred’s food is just fine while you’re sober, but after a few too many beers it reaches levels of spectacular. Breakfast sandwich? Jucy Lucy? Peanut Butter Malt Shake? Yes to all. The atmosphere is retro and not in the Mel’s Diner type way that makes you die inside. Fred’s your friend who always has your back—until 1am on weekdays and 3am on the weekends. Underrated date idea: watch a movie at the Los Feliz 3 and head here for a late-night meal afterwards.

An LA institution, Canter’s isn’t the best Jewish deli in town, but it’s certainly the most convenient. The late-night crowd is a fascinating cross-section of blacked-out celebrities and all your exes who you never called back. As for the food, skip the burgers and stick to the deli fare, whether you’re in the mood for a pastrami sandwich, cheese blintzes, latkes, matzo ball soup, or a bagel and lox. Canter’s Reuben is a comforting greasy corned beef sandwich, but if you’re looking really looking to comatose yourself, the Monte Cristo is a grilled turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich that also happens to be on French toast. Open 24 hours.

If it’s midnight on a Friday or Saturday night (or any night of the week), and an In-N-Out burger doesn’t sound great to you, you should alert the authorities and call your loved ones - because it’s over for you. The best cheap burger in the history of the world hits all the spots every single time, no matter how long that drive-through is at 12:30am. Animal-style, protein-style, with jalapenos or onions, it doesn’t matter. This is one of the best things to ever come out of California, and we have Maxine Waters.

We have no idea why it goes seemingly unnoticed that Jones is open late-night. Open until 1:30am every night of the week, Jones is where you go to crawl into a booth, eat some pizza, drink a Peroni, and wait for the best dessert in town (the apple pie skillet) to arrive. This isn’t your roll-in-after-last-call throw-down spot. Come here after a nice night out with friends or an overtime rehearsal, and you’ll be in late-night Americanized Italian bliss.

La Poubelle is a French bistro in Hollywood where the white paint is chipped in all the right places. People who live in the area seem to appreciate its somewhat chaotic presence and every third person who walks by embraces a staff member like a long-lost sibling. Any dinner at La Poubelle should be long, leisurely, and martini-fueled. All of the action is on the sidewalk, where diners in A.P.C. denim feast on buttery escargot, pasta bolognese, and baskets of thyme-covered french fries. Late-night (they’re open until 1:30am on weekends), you’ll find a lot of young people and Europeans shouting their phone numbers to each other over loud music. And it somehow isn’t the worst.

With locations in Koreatown, Echo Park, Culver City, and Beverly Grove (and one in Riverside), you’re never too far from one of Monty’s 100% plant-based burgers. The vegan burger patties are griddled and the cashew cheese could almost pass for the real thing, which makes Monty’s a solid choice, whether you’re vegan or not. Plus, all four LA locations are open until 12am Thursday through Saturday, which gives you plenty of time to try some of the best meat-free fried chicken sandwiches, crispy shoestring fries, loaded tots, and super-thick vegan milkshakes.

We’ll always be Team Phillippe’s when it comes to LA’s french dip debate—Phillippe’s was first and Phillipe’s is better, OK?—but it’s pretty nice that Cole’s serves sandwiches (and stiff drinks) until close, which is somewhere between the 1-2am mark. And if thinly shaved roast beef on french bread dunked into salty au jus isn’t your thing, you can always opt for grilled cheese and tomato soup. And if tomato soup isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a side of fries, or some particularly tangy coleslaw. Next time you’re planning a big night out Downtown, ending the night at Cole’s is a rite of passage. 

Open since 1947, Western Bagel is an LA classic that serves quality bagels and sandwiches throughout Southern California. But at their long-standing location in Van Nuys, they serve those babies 24 hours a day. Given its location, it’s not the best spot to hit after a long night of bar-hopping, but if you’re up early in the Valley or have to catch a 6am flight out of LAX, the cheese bagel sandwiches are exactly what your body needs. 

Crispy Pork Gang gets overlooked a lot because it’s in the same plaza as Ruen Pair—one of the best spots in Thai Town—and because it sounds like what we called our sixth-grade bus-stop group. But they’re open 24 hours, and have solid versions of tom yum soup or crispy pork and rice, for under $10. If you’re there really late at night—maybe after leaving Jumbo’s down the street—get the pad see ew or the gang noodle, which has pork, crispy pork, and shrimp.

There are plenty of incredible late-night spots in Koreatown, but the outdoor patio at Ddong Ggo might be our favorite. Walking into this massive beer garden at midnight on a Saturday feels like you’ve stepped into the best party in town. Everyone is drinking pitchers of beer and smoking cigarettes (a lot of cigarettes), and the only time they take a break from either is when a gigantic kimchi pancake hits the table. They’re currently open from 5pm-2am every day except Monday, walk-ins encouraged.

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Uncool Bar review image

Uncool Bar

$$$$(323) 417-7900

Uncool Burgers is the Kindle of restaurants. It’s not owned by Amazon, but it does share a parking lot with Whole Foods, is undeniably convenient, and feels like it’s algorithm-generated. For starters, you order and pay on a tablet. They’re open from 11am-2am every day. DJ mixes of songs you know and might love blast whether its 1pm or 1am. Fried chicken sandwiches, smash burgers, kale salad, and espresso martinis are on the menu. We’re not telling you to go out of your way to come here, but if it’s late and you’re hungry, this West Hollywood patio spot is fast, economical, and maybe even a little bit fun.

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The Kettle

$$$$(310) 545-8511

Open since 1973, The Kettle is a South Bay classic and one of the last remaining 24-hour diners in Manhattan Beach. We usually end up here at 3am after too many rounds at Ercoles and a quint stint frolicking with friends on the beach in the dark. Their menu is absolutely massive—there’s everything from reubens and benedicts to giant soft pretzels—so whatever your body is craving at the moment, you will probably find. 

The menu at LA Tofu House in Ktown isn’t much different from other popular tofu spots in the neighborhood (we’re looking at you, BCD), but the quality is higher—and it’s open until 4am. There are 10 or so different stews on the menu, ranging from Korean tripe to ham and sausage, but know that each one comes with the same perfectly soft tofu that hits the spot when it’s 1:30am and you just stumbled out of Go Pocha next door. The hot stone bibimbap with nicely crisp rice on the bottom should also make it on your table. 

This tiny strip mall spot in West Hollywood serves the kind of giant enchilada combo platters and cheese-topped burritos that taste good any time of day. That said, they taste best at 4am after a long night out in Boystown and an ill-advised stop at Mickey’s after hours. If you’re really hungry, go for the cheese enchiladas, but otherwise, the taquitos and carne asada burrito are both easy to eat while you walk.

Functioning as the all-day diner inside The Roosevelt Hotel, 25 Degrees is one of those places late-night Hollywood spots (it's open until midnight on the weekends) you just assume can’t be good. And then you eat there and realize it actually is. Maybe it’s because you’re completely hammered or maybe it’s because they let you build your burger, it doesn’t matter - 25 degrees is very solid, whether it’s 2pm or 12am. Parking can be treacherous (but if you’re here at late-night, you’re probably not parking anyway).

Open till 1am on the weekends, La Cabana is one of our favorite late-night spots on the Westside. Few places rival the rowdy back patio and old-school Cali-Mexican cuisine quite like this 53-year-old staple. The El Verde burrito is a monstrosity easily sharable between two people, and their La Casa quesadilla is worth traveling to at any point on the sobriety scale.

When it comes to late-night Silver Lake, you have two options: drive to another neighborhood or go to Astro’s. Located on the corner of Fletcher and Glendale Blvd., this old-school diner was built in the kitschy 1960s Googie style, complete with pink leather booths, etched glass, and of course, a giant sign out front. Open 24 hours, seven days a week, come at any time and you’ll see seniors grabbing a coffee and eating steak and eggs, people passing through after work, and whoever has drifted over from the giant Whole Foods next door.

Despite its nightlife allure, there’s a disturbing scarcity of solid late-night eats in the Arts District. Luckily, Wurstkuche makes up for it with its mild to wild sausages and a space large enough for the whole crew to find a seat. The lines can get long, and you’re not entirely sure why there’s a guy in the corner spinning David Guetta, but you’re into it. And you’re even more into those Belgian fries. Open until midnight on the weekends.

Ktown is the best nightlife neighborhood in Los Angeles. And conveniently, it’s also home to the best collection of late-night eats in the city. One of our go-to's is BCD Tofu, simply because we always know we can get a bubbling cauldron of spicy tofu stew in your face at any hour of the day. If you’re really hungry, add on some bibimbap or bulgogi. Open 24 hours.

The line for Leo’s tacos stretches across the parking lot for a reason. This gas station taco truck at the corner of La Brea and Venice makes one of the best al pastor tacos in town. And their carne asada tacos are tasty too. We wouldn’t throw either out of bed. Ahh, tacos in bed. Open till 3am every night.

After nearby bars close down for the night, the Silver Lake location of Garage Pizza can become packed with people all trying to order a slice or two, so we usually take the pizza out to the curb and use our knees as a table. Bless. Open till 3am every night.

Sadly, the 24-hour diner is a dying breed in LA, which makes places like Norm’s all the more special. Does this SoCal chain have the most elevated breakfast in town? Of course not. But eating a giant omelet with hash browns inside the iconic Googie-inspired location on La Cienega at 2am is an LA right-of-passage—-and a meal that’ll always help you feel better in the morning. 

You know you’re close to this 24-hour taco stand in Lincoln Heights when you start walking past people with salsa running down their chins. And don’t snicker—that’s going to be you shortly. We absolutely love the sweet and smoky al pastor, and while it goes well with just about everything on the menu, the move at 2am is to add it to their Papa Nachos. This beautiful plate comes with a heaping pile of crinkle fries, jalapenos, sour cream, and guacamole—all doused with their homemade nacho cheese sauce. 

Tommy’s isn’t going to win any Best Burger awards, but that doesn’t stop the crowds from gathering at this classic 24-hour burger window in Historic Filipinotown after a long night out. If it’s your first time, get the double chili cheeseburger with a side of fries. If it’s your 50th time, get the exact same thing, and then go eat it while sitting on the sidewalk like everyone else. Expect pretty long lines after the bars get out.

The service can be atrocious and the food is for the most part mediocre. So why even set foot into the House of Pies? It’s all in the name. After a movie or a concert, you want to end your night with pie (get a cream slice, they’re better than the fruit ones). The crowd is a mix of hipsters, septuagenarians, former basic cable reality show stars, and the cast of Pan’s Labyrinth. Open until 1am on weeknights, 2am on the weekends.

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