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A Guide To LA's Best Breakfast Burritos

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A Guide To LA's Best Breakfast Burritos

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Brioche buns, croissants and Texas toast, GTFO. The greatest eggy breakfast is one contained within a tortilla, and there are some excellent ones in this city. These are our favorites.

The Spots


Tacos Villa Corona

3185 Glendale Blvd

This hole in the wall doesn’t have any artisanal ingredients. Their breakfast burritos are made simply on a griddle. Along with egg and cheese, you can choose papas (fried potato chunks) or chilaquiles (tortilla chips). For meat, they have chorizo, chicken, steak and bacon. Which should you get? Any of them is the correct answer. That said, we’re partial to the chilaquiles breakfast burrito with spinach and steak. Their homemade hot sauce is vibrant and intensely fiery. #GLORIOUS


La Azteca Tortilleria

4538 E Cesar E Chavez Ave

The breakfast burritos here are gargantuan belly bombs served in La Azteca’s housemade tortillas, which may in fact be the best flour tortillas in Los Angeles. If you ask nicely, they’ll throw a chile relleno in with your potato and eggs, to gild the lilly. We also love their bean & cheese burritos which they lovingly label as B+CH letting you know who’s boss.


Cofax Coffee

440 N. Fairfax Ave.

Parking on Fairfax can be a pain in the *ss but on weekdays at 8am it’s usually easy to snag a spot to grab one of Cofax’s powerhouse breakfast burritos on the way to work. (Pick up some for your coworkers as well and be a #RealAmericanHero) The burritos are grilled so the top and bottom are toasty and crisp. The smoked potatoes define this burrito. We prefer the veggie here and usually opt for avocado. Oh, buy some of their A++ donuts too and set sail for a relaxing winter hibernation.


This breakfast burrito doused in salsa verde is meant to be eaten on site, and is strictly a fork & knife situation. The nopales and avocado are terrific as are the fluffy scrambled eggs that are raised by chickens with better living conditions than the shitty sleep away camp I went to, probably. The fruit bowl here is a must, filled with locally sourced fruit from some of California’s finest farmers. It changes based on what’s seasonally available and will make fruit salad relevant to you again.


The breakfast burrito here is an instrument of efficiency. Simply perfectly fried eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, and julienned scallions. They don’t give you hot sauce so bring your own or buy a bottle of Cholula at the Gelson’s across the street. Note: They’ll also make their lunch sandwiches at breakfast time, in case you’re in the mood for one of their excellent cheeseburgers or a turkey and Camembert on honey wheat toast to kick off your kickass workday.


While the brisket breakfast burrito here is yolky splendor, the burrito gets too greasy while you eat it, so wash your hands after eating it or risk your steering wheel becoming as shiny as that spray-tanned dude at the gym. We like the veggie breakfast burrito here too as it’s a little lighter for those days we can’t take a post-burrito nap at 11 in the morning. Make sure you’re hitting the Burbank location only – the others don’t make breakfast burritos.


My Taco

6300 York Blvd #4

No nonsense thick breakfast burritos are pretty solid at this charming Highland Park Mexican cafe. Refried beans, scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack, Chorizo and rice. These heavyweights are on the saltier side. Be sure to hit up their salsa bar for their homemade avocado sauce.


The hearty breakfast burritos here fall apart as you eat them. They’re a messy endeavor that will leave you smiling and gassy. A tad heavy on the sour cream but we have no complaints.


Cacao Mexicatessen

Eagle Rock
1576 Colorado Blvd

Overcrowded on weekends and arguably overpriced for tacos, Cacao is actually terrific for a NELA weekday sit-down breakfast. Their breakfast burrito is pretty good but swings into the excellent zone when ordered with chorizo, bacon, sausage links or machaca (braised beef). You can and should order a tres leches pancake on the side.

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