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The Bar Greatest Hits List: The 25 Best Bars In Los Angeles

PHOTO: Luke Gibson

It seems like every other weekend there’s a new place everyone’s drinking at in Los Angeles. Whether it’s an outer space-themed speakeasy downtown or a three-story dance club hellzone in Hollywood, staying on top of nightlife in this town is a full-time job. But still, nothing beats drinking at a classic.

So we compiled a list of our all-time favorites - those bars we find ourselves returning to again and again. They’re the standbys that make LA what it is. In other words - the Greatest Hits.

If you live here, you should be drinking at all of them. If you’re just visiting and already tired of the Santa Monica pier, get out and try as many as you can. Some are strip-mall dives, some are high-end cocktail bars, and some are somewhere in between. All of them are essential Los Angeles watering holes.

Looking for new bars that are actually cool? Consult our Bar Hit List. We have a restaurant version of the Greatest Hits List too.

The Spots

Tiki Ti

4427 W Sunset Blvd

It’s fair to say that the tiki bar is one of our greatest achievements as a civilization. And LA is home to the Mona Lisa of them. Located in a glorified lean-to in Los Feliz that's barely larger than your Honda Accord, Tiki Ti is where you go when you want to forget you aren’t in LA for a night. The crowd is almost all regulars who’ve been sitting there since the 80’s, there’s a mechanical toy bull that walks along the bar, and two of those cocktails will have you under the table speed dialing your mom. Just call before you go - they tend to close down whenever they want.

Photo: Dale Dudeck Photography

The Walker Inn

3612 W 6th St

There are craft cocktail bars, and then there’s The Walker Inn. Below a blinking red light in the back of The Normandie Club in Ktown is a door that leads to one of the most serious drinking establishments in the city. Walker Inn is small, cocktails run upwards of $20, and reservations for one of its few tables should be made weeks in advance. But it’s all worth it. Because with monthly cocktails themes that range from Wet Hot American Summer to the PCH to In N Out, this is a drinking experience unlike anything else.

The Woods

1533 N LA Brea Ave

Located on the ground floor of a fantastically rundown Hollywood strip mall, The Woods is everything you want in a neighborhood bar: cheap drinks, good crowd, fantastic music, and zero lines. The place is small and dark inside, but you always manage to find enough room to dance uncontrollably in the back. And the woodsy decor (yep, those are tree stumps you’re sitting on) isn’t nearly as dumb as it sounds.

Photo: The Woods / Facebook

LA loves bars with weird entrances more than most people like their families. And at Davey Wayne’s, your route is through a run-down refrigerator in a garage. And on the other side of that run-down refrigerator? The 1970’s house party of your drunken dreams. Chill out in the living room and listen to the live band, or get rowdy in the backyard with the snow-cone machine and maybe another band on the roof. It’s all insane and gimmicky, but if you can’t find fun at Davey Wayne’s, we can't help you.

Photo: Luke Gibson

Chez Jay

1657 Ocean Ave

Let’s call it like it is - Santa Monica just doesn’t have good bars. Or should we say, bars you actually care about. Save for Chez Jay. The nearly 60-year-old nautical-themed landmark is a one-of-a-kind drinking hole where you can get a dangerously stiff drink and a buttered steak all in the same place. There are peanut shells on the floor, the jukebox probably doesn’t play anything newer than music from 1983, and you’re almost positive that weird giant fish on the wall is staring at you. If you want one of the last remaining authentic experiences in Santa Monica, this is where you find it.

Photo: Chex Jay / Facebook

Red Lion Tavern

Silver Lake
2366 Glendale Blvd

Can someone tell us why there aren’t more outdoor beer gardens in LA? Actually don’t, because we’d still only go to Red Lion anyways. The old-school German restaurant in Silver Lake doesn’t look like much from the outside, but go up that dark staircase in the piano lounge and you’ll find yourself outside on one of the best patios in town. The Bavarian theme isn’t exactly subtle, but it feels genuine. And everyone’s having too good of a time to care about anything else.

The Edison

108 W 2nd St Apt 101

We can all agree that the novelty of the speakeasy bar has died, been placed into a canoe, lit on fire, and pushed out onto open water. But that’s not to say the best ones still aren’t going strong. Located in an old nuclear power plant downtown, The Edison isn’t just a speakeasy, it’s an entire prohibition theme park. The space is seemingly endless, with game rooms, live music venues, private lounges, and anxiety-inducing aerialists swinging around overhead. If you’re looking to blow it out, The Edison is still one of LA’s best spots for it.

Photo: The Edison / Facebook

Tower Bar

West Hollywood
8358 W Sunset Blvd

Whether you’re just visiting and want to see some celebs drinking martinis, or you've been in LA for years and aren’t one to ever turn down a build-your-own-sundae situation, the Tower Bar is a must-visit. In the heart of The Strip, Tower Bar is an old Hollywood classic where young Hollywood types still want to hang out. The outdoor patio is a certifiable scene, so bring your best pair of sunglasses and sharpen up that side-eye, you’ve got some eavesdropping to do.

Photo: Sunset Tower Bar / Facebook

Cafe Brass Monkey

3440 Wilshire Blvd

There’s no part of town that knows karaoke better than Koreatown, and Brass Monkey is its epicenter. If you’re looking for a private room karaoke joint to sing off-key with a few friends, this isn’t your place. Brass Monkey is a crowded, one-room tavern where things get rowdy fast and whole bar sing-a-longs are commonplace. Drinks are cheap and strong, and if you stick around long enough the chances of you seeing a blacked-out B-lister singing Meatloaf are high.

Photo: Brass Monkey / Facebook

Not all that long ago, Idle Hour was nothing more than a local North Hollywood eyesore, and a constant reminder of probably how fun and weird that place was in its heyday. Good news - after a big renovation, the gigantic wooden barrel on Lankershim is back in business as one of the best bars in the Valley. Weekends can definitely get a little rowdy here, but the crowd is fun and that back patio is there when you need some fresh air. Welcome to the new heyday.

Photo: William Bradford


2819 Pico Blvd

There’s no shortage of tacky British pubs or pricey hotel rooftops or places with a TV so-we-guess-it-can-be-considered-a-sports-bar on the Westside. But a spot solely commemorating the life of Charles Bukowski, the American poet, novelist, and world-class drinker? Not so much. But Santa Monica has one, and it’s excellent. The dimly-lit dive has a no-frills 1960’s vibe with lots of tall boy cans, a few pool tables, and plenty of Bukowski writings hanging around on the walls for you and your drunk friends to argue over.


As downtown’s craft beer scene continues to gain respect among the beer snobs, Angel City is doing what it does best - making your Saturday afternoon that much more fun. No, this is not the best beer place downtown, and that’s ok. This Arts District tap room resides in a massive old warehouse and has all the lawn games, food trucks, and community tables you could ever want for your day-drinking extravaganza.


You’re damn right The Abbey is on this list. We’re well aware a Saturday night here is dominated largely by horny Brentwood housewives and teenagers from Pomona looking for a ride home, but when you’re the biggest money-making bar in the city and arguably the most recognizable gay bar in America not named Stonewall, you win. The move here is always on a weeknight when the crowds are more local and you and your friends can actually find a few square feet on the (many) dance floors. Don’t sleep on that Sunday brunch either.

Photo: Benji Dell

El Cid

Silver Lake
4212 W Sunset Blvd

El Cid wins the award for that place you always forget about, but then go to one night and judge yourself for not coming more. The Silver Lake bar isn’t much more than a doorframe along Sunset, but walk down the stairs and you’ll pop out into a hidden drinking oasis. The cocktails are cheap, the crowd is cool, and the two-tiered patio (with old movies projecting on the wall) is the ideal casual hangout spot. There’s also a fantastic little theater attached with nightly events ranging from live music to flamenco lessons.

Photo: El Cid / Facebook

If you’re roaming around downtown looking for cocktails, The Varnish is where you go. Yes, it’s a speakeasy and no, you’re not going to hate it. There’s no over-the-top theme or gimmicky decor, just a good space with great drinks, and a surprisingly low-key atmosphere. Getting hungry? Cole’s French Dip sandwiches are right next door and you can order as many as you want.

Photo: The Varnish / Facebook

Jumbo's Clown Room

5153 Hollywood Blvd

If you’re uncomfortable with a strip club making this list, please stop reading. If you aren’t, get yourself to Jumbo’s Clown Room at your earliest convenience. Because this burlesque club in East Hollywood is one of the best nights out in this city. Get there early, as lines get long, and they’ll absolutely let the regulars in before you. Once inside, it'll all make sense: cheap drinks, a mixed lively crowd, and performers who actually care about what they're doing.

Photo: Jumbo's / Facebook

Village Idiot

7383 Melrose Ave.

There’s nothing worse than someone in LA saying a bar “feels like you’re in New York." What does that even mean? Is there a performance of The Lion King unfolding? Did you see a rat crawl inside a woman’s pant leg and she didn’t do anything about it? Probably not. But when it comes to Village Idiot on Melrose, we'll just go ahead and say it - this is the most NYC-like bar in LA, and we love it. No rodents or Broadway shows, just a solid crowd who's there to drink heavily, exposed brick to make it feel important and a lighting situation dark enough to make everyone seem hotter than they will be in the morning.


4356 W Sunset Blvd

For whatever The Abbey represents to you, Akbar is the antithesis. Located on the Los Feliz/Silver Lake border, this is a true neighborhood bar and the kind of place West Hollywood could never have. Zero lines, cheap drinks, an unintimidating dance floor, and a wait staff that didn’t bring a stack of commercial headshots with them to work tonight. The crowd is always mixed and everyone is there to have a lot of fun. If the Weho thing isn’t happening for you anymore, Akbar is your remedy.

Photo: Akbar / Facebook

If you’ve never had a night you’ll never forget (and many more you’ll never remember) at Saddle Ranch, you actually haven’t lived in this city. This ridiculous, country-themed bar on The Strip is the definition of a hot mess, but they fully embrace it, and so will you. You’re definitely going to make out with someone with a Warped Tour tattoo and they’re going to ask you for a ride back to Yorba Linda in the morning. But you aren’t even mad, because this is exactly what you signed up for. Rage on, lovers.

Photo: Saddle Ranch / Facebook

Rooftop Bar at The Standard is one of those places you assume has gotten intolerable, but then you go there and realize it’s as good as it’s ever been. Located in the heart of downtown, drinks don’t come cheap, but you’re paying for the experience. Which includes great views, plenty of lounge areas for you and your friends to take over, and a pool you’re definitely going to get into whether you brought your swimsuit or not.

Photo: Standard Rooftop / Facebook

La Descarga

1159 Western Ave

We read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as kids. Send us through an armoire to get into a bar, and we’ll be there every damn weekend. But as cool as the entrance to La Descarga is (seriously, it never gets old), it’s what’s on the other side that makes this place so great. A Cuban-themed, rum-filled Narnia with excellent cocktails, an actual cigar room, and burlesque salsa dancers sliding around on the banisters. Your move, C.S. Lewis.

Photo: Andy Keilen

ERB wins the award for the newest spot on this list (by a longshot), but that hardly diminishes its standing. The Arts District spot is one of those places that makes getting everything right look easy - great cocktails, excellent bar food, a fun atmosphere, and the kind of back patio we could spend every Saturday night on for the rest of our lives.


Sassafras Saloon's aggressive “Old South” vibe is definitely one string of fake Spanish moss away from being the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but you’re ok with it. Located on that stretch of Vine in Hollywood that can’t get its sh*t together, Sassafras is never hard to get into but always has a good crowd once you’re inside. The cocktails are excellent, people are exceedingly hot, and you just noticed that band playing on the balcony are actual musicians and not animatronics.

Photo: Sassafras / Facebook

Bar Marmont

8171 W Sunset Blvd

Chateau Marmont needs little introduction. It’s the nucleus of all things A-List Hollywood and your best chance of seeing Kate Hudson not eating a steak. But down at its street-level lounge, Bar Marmont keeps things far more relaxed (and accessible). Don’t get us wrong - it’s very much a scene here, but a scene that feels accessible. The cocktails are fantastic, there are plenty of nooks for you and your friends to take over for the night, and if you get hungry, the kitchen stays open till 10:30pm. Just get there early, we offer no tips for getting past that bouncer once the line gets long.

Ye Rustic Inn

1831 Hillhurst Ave

If you want to go out tonight, but also maybe get yelled at by a retired pirate, Ye Rustic Inn is your spot. This dark, dingy bar on Hillhurst in Los Feliz has a surly waitstaff, loud music, and is the kind of place you go to hook up with someone with more tattoos than you. Oh, and they also have the best wings in the city. A very solid place to watch your team lose on Sunday and angrily troll a sports commentator on Twitter afterwards as well.

Photo: Ye Rustic Inn / Facebook
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