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10 LA Bars You Aren't Completely Sick Of Yet

PHOTO: Holly Liss

LA’s bar scene is great, but there still comes a time in all of our lives when we realize we’re completely over most of them. Old standbys become boring and that new bar everybody’s talking about is now officially scratched off the list after you waited 45 minutes to get in last weekend only to be smacked in the head by an aerial burlesque dancer. But there's hope for you yet -with a little bit of digging (that we've done for you), you can always find some places that are still worth your time. Here are 10 LA bars you (probably) aren’t already sick of.

the spots


Snake Pit is that neighborhood bar that never gets too crowded, has bartenders who’ll actually talk to you, and a jukebox you’ll spend the entire night hovering around. Plain and simple, this small Melrose spot is one of those places you can do whatever you want in. Need a nightcap after a sexy date night? Want to rip a few shots at the bar and create your dance floor? Anything goes at the Snake Pit.

Photo: Snake Pit Ale House / Facebook

If you’re tired of pretty much every bar in Hollywood right now, join the crowd. But Nowhere Bar continues to be the neighborhood's saving grace. The small, no-frills spot right on Hollywood has zero lines and no covers and cocktails all under $10. Imagine that. The crowd is a mix of casual dates, locals having a quick martini, or people just looking for a tolerable bar experience in Hollywood. Keep your calendars open on Tuesdays - it’s Tiki takeover night.

Photo: The Know Where Bar / Facebook

Is Dan Sung Sa a restaurant or a bar? The answer is it doesn’t matter. This dark tavern in the heart of Ktown is one of our favorite spots in the city to get a little too drunk, snack on some Korean bar food, and forget we’re in the middle of LA for a night. The whole place smells like whatever's being cooked on the central grill, the wooden wall panels are ideal for scribbling on when you’re hammered, and you just ordered 10 bottles of soju with zero regrets.

Photo: Holly Liss


Downtown LA
357 Broadway

The surge of DTLA gay bars is a welcomed one. But the one we find ourselves going back to the most is Precinct. The large, industrial space has an unpretentious crowd, fantastic theme nights, cheap drinks, and easily the best drag shows downtown. We can’t say lines don’t get long on certain nights, but show up early enough and you’ll be fine.

Photo: Precinct / Facebook

Little Bar

757 S LA Brea Ave

Little Bar is one of those classic bars that everyone in the surrounding neighborhood goes to all the time, and everyone else probably hasn’t heard of. Located on La Brea just south of Wilshire, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about Little Bar, and that’s exactly what makes it so appealing. What you'll find here is a solid beer list, a laid-back (and remarkably attractive) crowd, dart boards, kitschy decor, and a very fun jukebox. They don’t have a kitchen, but there’s usually an excellent taco truck parked outside if you get the munchies.

Photo: Little Bar / Facebook

Located on a stretch of Pico in Santa Monica that’s slowly evolved from a bonafide no man’s land into a place where you might actually hang out for a night, The Brixton is a restaurant/bar with an extremely relaxed atmosphere, excellent bartenders, and a three (that's THREE) hour happy hour every night from 3:30pm - 6:30pm. Also, that mac and cheese should be ordered at some point no matter what.

Photo: Alen Lin / Facebook


369 N Western Ave

Long before the arcade bar became a thing kids in Brooklyn thought they invented themselves, Blipsy was just a dark dive bar on Western with some pinball and Donkey Kong in the back. Guess what? It still is. Expect zero lines, no fancy cocktails, and a bar full of people who are actually there to play retro arcade games tonight. Warning - it’s cash only, but there’s a coin laundromat next door for all your quarter needs.


Arts District
428 S Hewitt St.

Resident hasn’t been around all that long, but we still can’t get enough of it. This indoor/outdoor Arts District spot (that is also sometimes a music venue) feels like the blueprint for how every bar in this town should be. The patio has long wooden tables ideal for big groups, a bar in an Airstream, on-site food trucks, and even overhead misters for summertime day drinking. The best part? People seemingly still don’t know about it.

The Plaza

739 N La Brea Ave

Plaza is simply too wild to ever get dull. The Latino drag bar on La Brea is one of those places you walk into and wonder why in the hell it took you so long to get here. From the outside, Plaza looks like a closed down laundromat, but on the inside, it’s one giant party. There’s a huge dance floor, dirt-cheap drinks, and of course, the stage where all the magic goes down. Bonus: The give you a bag of Doritos for every drink you order. Seriously.

Kibitz Room

410 N Fairfax Ave

Kibitiz is not where you start your night, but it’s definitely where you always want to end it. The tiny cocktail lounge attached to Canter’s on Fairfax is where you go after a great night out that you just don’t want to be over yet. Drinks are cheap, the crowd is always interesting, and there will probably be a band playing in the corner. And in case you didn't catch that: It's attached to Canter's.

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