12 Specific Phrases To Sound Like You Know LA Restaurants feature image


12 Specific Phrases To Sound Like You Know LA Restaurants

12 helpful phrases to show off how much you know about LA restaurants.

You just moved to LA six weeks ago and everyone in your office keeps talking about where they’re going to eat after work, but the reality is you aren’t even sure how to correctly pronounce La Cienega. Here are 12 crucial phrases to help you fit in and not remind your boss that you actually don’t know anything about this city.

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  1. “I know exactly where Frogtown is.”

  2. “Ugh, yes, THAT PATIO!”

  3. “I am loving La Brea right now.”

  4. “You can literally watch them make tortillas.”

  5. “Roy Choi’s new place.”

  6. “I mean, you’re there for the heat lamps.”

  7. “Koreatown.”

  8. “Remember when they went there on The Hills?”

  9. “Culver City isn’t going anywhere!”

  10. “Jonathan Gold walked past that place.”

  11. “Those margs are dangerous.”

  12. “It sucks, but you’ll love it.”

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