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Benji Dell
August 19, 2020
43 Ways To Make Eating At Home Suck Less (While Supporting LA Restaurants)
Our favorite playlists, plates, hot sauces, and more - all made by LA restaurants - that will hopefully make eating at home suck a little less.
Written by

As it stands now, you currently have two choices when it comes to takeout food. You can either eat it:

  1. At home, or
  2. In your car.

While you could technically go eat in a park or something, it was literally 95 degrees yesterday (also, birds), so none of these are exactly stellar options. And unless you’re literally Dakota Johnson, chances are, your dining experiences these last few months have been… lackluster? Kind of depressing? A pitiful sight to both your FBI agent and your dog?

But instead of sulking, we made this: A list of our favorite playlists, candles, plates, cups, napkins, hot sauces, and even essential oils from various LA restaurants that will hopefully make eating at home suck a little less. Because while you can’t transform your studio apartment into Kismet or Woon, you can at least feel like you’re having a meal there.

Benji Dell

Ask any hygge expert: The key to a warm, comfortable environment (that sucks way less) is found through transforming your space.




Benji Dell

No offense to your current dinnerware, but you deserve beautiful, hand-made artisan goods. Even if you’re just eating Chef Boyardee.


  • Kensho — Sake/tea/espresso cups ($20)


  • Woon — Linen Napkin Sets by Suay Sew Shop ($56)


Benji Dell

Sauces, spices, and seasonings straight from the kitchens of your favorite restaurants. It’s kind of like you’re the tall, skinny chef in “Ratatouille,” and they’re Remy.



Noah Devereaux

We’ve actually got a few guides for this. Encyclopedic knowledge of words like “tannin” and “mouth-feel” not included.

If you’re, how do we put this - less culinarily inclined than most (or just have some time to kill), here are some step-by-step instructions on how to prepare restaurant food at home.

Benji Dell

Because we gotta have a cool merch section.




  • Needle — Jasmine Tea Infused Hand Sanitizer ($5)
  • Steep — Amass Botanical Hand Sanitizer ($9-$30)

If candles, playlists, how-to videos, and house-made hand sanitizers weren’t enough to fill that restaurant-shaped hole in your heart, here’s some internet content to tide you over for the next two years. Just kidding. Maybe?



Benji Dell

We’re not going to tell you what to wear. Not our lane, sorry.

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