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Breakfast Burrito Update: Lucky Boy, Lowkey, And More

We check out breakfast burritos from Spoke Bicycle Cafe, Lowkey Burritos, and Lucky Boy.

A couple weeks ago, we published our guide to the Best Breakfast Burritos In LA, and while we heard from a lot of readers who were thrilled to see their favorite spots on the list, our picks apparently didn’t go over very well with a few subsections of Southern California’s Breakfast Burrito-verse.

Because approximately 50% of the responses were about two places that weren’t on our guide: Lucky Boy, a classic Pasadena spot, and Lowkey Burritos, a new pop-up that makes appearances in Torrance and Long Beach. We also heard that one of our favorite spots, Spoke Bicycle Cafe, had introduced a brand new breakfast burrito. And while shouting at us on the internet doesn’t always work, in this case, it did: Here are our thoughts on all three spots.

Breakfast Burrito Update: Lucky Boy, Lowkey, And More image

photo credit: Lucky Boy/Brett Keating

First, Lucky Boy. This is an old-school diner in Pasadena that locals love and cherish like the Rose Bowl Game and the Colorado Street Bridge. And to be fair, this spot - which has two locations in the city and has been around since 1961 - serves burritos that are special in one very unique way: Sheer girth. Ours was a hefty 2 lbs., 1 oz. (we weighed it), and was packed with cheese, potato, scrambled egg, and roughly a pound of pastrami - though you can get yours with options like bacon, carne asada, sausage, hamburger patties, or chili... basically, if it’s on their menu, they’ll put it in a breakfast burrito for you. For us, the best thing about it was the size. The eggs were a bit overcooked, and the pastrami lacked the smoky saltiness we usually look for. But suffice to say, if you like your burritos well-stuffed and the size of Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe, Lucky Boy is for you.

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photo credit: Lowkey Burritos/Instagram

A Lowkey breakfast burrito is also plenty big, but what sets it apart from Lucky Boy are the ingredients: Grass-fed marinated tri-tip, or tremendous, thick-cut bacon, alongside scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables, and hash browns. Oh, and each burrito comes with a crispy layer of fried cheese and jalapeños on the outside, a genius addition that takes these burritos to the next level. But to us, the best thing about a Lowkey burrito is the fantastic, slightly charred flavor we get from the griddled-cooked vegetables and the high-quality meat. This is one of the most unique breakfast burritos in the city.

Breakfast Burrito Update: Lucky Boy, Lowkey, And More image

photo credit: Spoke Bicycle Cafe/Brett Keating

Finally, there’s Spoke Bicycle Cafe. This outdoor spot in Frogtown has been serving solid burgers (especially their homemade veggie patty), sandwiches, and salads since 2015, but just recently added a breakfast burrito to their menu. It’s made with fried potatoes that are somehow both fluffy and incredibly crispy, accompanied by chipotle crema, fire-roasted salsa, and scrambled eggs, all inside a handmade tortilla. There’s nothing revolutionary about it, but the burrito is genuinely excellent all the same, especially if you add avocado, which balances the whole thing out with a bit of creaminess. Spoke is also a great place if you’re still a little iffy about returning to a restaurant - they’ve got a huge patio with plenty of space to spread out.

Got a breakfast burrito we need to try today? Let us know about it:

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