Whipped London

This small, colourful dessert shop is cheesecake heaven. The display of baked cheesecakes at this spot in Brixton Village will have you convincing yourself that you can finish seven slices of cheesecake. ‘That’s what freezers are for’ you’ll think when you spot the blueberry cheesecake after already asking for a slice of the peanut butter pecan pie and dulce de leche Biscoff. Our suggestion is to rock up in a group and work your way through all the flavours, because yes, they’re that good. They’re baked slowly for several hours, giving them an insanely creamy texture, and are topped with a bunch of different stuff from Twix to crumble. The roasted pistachio cookie is also a winner. Just know there are only a few seats out front so you may want to get your order to go.

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