Urban Greens

Sometimes you wake up and realise that the last vegetable you ate was that potato six days ago. And yes, if we’re being honest, that potato had been deep-fried and came in a faux bacon rub. Behold, Urban Greens, the perfect place for certified Exciting Salads. On Palmer Street, they offer up a big menu of vegetable medleys packed full of habanero, hummus, sesame-marinated glass noodles, peanuts, pickled carrots, Norwegian shrimp, and other things that laugh in the face of a sad caesar. Our personal favourite is the beef saigon number because of the winning texture combination of broccoli crunch, tender pulled brisket, and little surprise bites of peanut. Although there is some seating, these hefty salads are perfect for a grab-and-go work lunch. Or if you’re feeling wholesome, find a nice little spot in St James’s Park.