Toad Bakery

As you approach Toad Bakery’s small shop front, catch a whiff of freshly baked bread and then see the glistening pastries, that Pavlovian response will kick in. Your stomach will rumble, eyes widen, and you’ll start mentally calculating just how many carbs you can eat in one sitting—or how many loaves you can take home. Straddling Peckham and Camberwell, there are a few colourful stools out front and only a street-facing counter in the doorway, heaving with gooey, vegan cookies, buttery croissants, and cardamom-heavy cinnamon buns. During the week, the queue is full of locals picking up their daily bread and come Saturday, people linger a little longer, scanning the trays for slow-braised goat bear claw pastries, and choosing sandwiches to take to nearby Lucas Gardens. No matter whether you're a regular or have crossed town to visit, those behind the counter will have an extra smile when you come back for round two of carb-loading.

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