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Timmy Green

Australian in Victoria

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  • Brunch

When people used to mention Australian bars or cafes in London, it would evoke the thought of terrible spots like The Walkabout, or dives like Belushi’s. Eventually coffee shops like Lantana and Flat White opened up, and people here realised that - oh wait - Aussies actually make some pretty good tasting coffee. Timmy Green is an evolution and a step up from those.

Timmy Green feels feels like the restaurant version of that impossibly chiselled fitness guy or girl you follow on Instagram, and having brunch here makes you feel like you could also be ridiculously good-looking one day. Or, you could just order the coconut French toast. And a side of bacon. The coffee’s good, and they also do Australian-sounding things like popcorn shrimp sandwiches and things called ‘salad’ (which are actually really good).

But really, you’re here for that brunch, which they do every day until mid-afternoon. It gets busy, so think about booking if there are a few of you, and they also have a bottomless brunch if you want to go big. Don’t forget to ’gram that avo toast before you think about, you know, actually eating it.

Timmy Green review image