The Snapery East

Depending on which way you look at it, The Snapery East is a bakery that serves brunch, or a brunch spot that bakes everything in its airy London Fields railway arch. Either way, what you need to know is that its toasties, breakfast muffins, and pastries are a cut above. We’re looking at you, melted cheese and sriracha ketchup-smothered sausage muffin. You could get a springy focaccia sandwich to go, but it’s worth taking a seat in the covered and (crucially) heated terrace out front. It’s a spacious, calm spot, particularly ideal for escaping the Broadway Market crowds come the weekend. Whether you stay for a flat white and eggs or are just making a carb-fuelled pit stop, make sure you also leave with a loaf or baguette for the road.

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photo credit: Aleksandra Boruch

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