The Drapers Arms

The Drapers Arms is one of London’s most foremost gastropubs. The kind of place where the thirstiest and the hungriest can come together in merry harmony with a pint of Sussex Best and a bowl of some of north London’s finest chips. We’ll often wander off Upper Street to The Drapers' bar and find ourselves there some hours later, post-suet crusted chicken pie, eyeing a wine list that ensnares even the most well-meaning lunch-goer. Families, dogs, and chip-wielding toddlers are pretty much always found here, but it’s just as popular with anyone on a strictly liquid diet. There’s a slightly more formal dining area at the back and, come summer, the garden is a peach of a spot for drinks or a meal. The menu leans more European than anything and though it’s unlikely to blow you away, there is rarely a time when The Drapers does anything but satisfy and comfort.

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