Thattukada’s chicken 65 is the only food we know that’s Cheeto’s Flamin’ Hot-coloured, and that is very much a compliment. The deep-fried chunks of chicken—marinated in dazzling red chilli powder, curry leaves, and more—are the way to start your meal at the popular Keralan spot in East Ham. The walls of this low-key, brightly lit restaurant are covered with images of palm trees and crystal blue water, but almost every family and group of friends are focused on the extensive menu and the food in front of them. Fish moilley, a mild, coconut-heavy curry, is a delicious Keralan speciality that belongs on your table, alongside vegetable thali, a brilliantly pungent chicken curry, stringy parathas, and a tonne more. Given the size of the menu and the fact that every big group seems to leave with something in a takeaway box, you should absolutely come to Thattukada en masse.

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