If your sushi experience in life thus far has been limited to the conveyer belt stuff and the odd trip to the likes of Nobu or Roka, dinner at Sushi Tetsu is going to change your life.

Tetsu is a tiny sushi counter in Clerkenwell that seats seven guests at a time, at two seatings every night. It’s ridiculously small, which helps explain why it’s so difficult to secure a booking here - they just don’t serve that many people. Everything’s prepared by a single chef behind the counter, and you’ll chat to him and other guests as his wife joins in on the banter and refills your sake or tea. It’s simple in setup, and it’s amazing.

As for the sushi itself, it’s the difference between flying economy and business class; VHS and high-definition TV; David Haye and Muhammad Ali. There’s a very good chance that after tossing back a perfectly marbled, luscious piece of tuna nigiri that you won’t ever want to eat tuna again unless it’s this good. To get the full experience, go for the omakase (chef’s selection) set menu. Every piece will be incredible, from a simple yellowtail sushi to an extravagant piece of king crab and - of course - that tuna.

Know that an experience of this caliber does not come cheap (the omakase is £95) but if you’re into sushi or interested in one of the most unique dining experiences in London, Sushi Tetsu is absolutely worth all the hassle and all of your money.

Food Rundown

Chef’s Choice / Omakase Menu

Eating the succession of perfect pieces of nigiri here is one of the most pleasurable things you can do for yourself in London, outside of being fed milk and honey by a Victoria’s Secret Angel on a giant bed of money. The fish, which changes depending on what’s best at the market that day, is never less than outstanding, and watching the chef nip, press, and fold each piece for each individual diner is live-action food porn at its best. Save up, amend your schedule, do whatever you must to make it here at least once.

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