Spicebox Restaurant Walthamstow

From the street, Spicebox, a plant-based Indian restaurant in Walthamstow, looks like a pokey takeaway spot (albeit painted in punchy purples and pinks). But the restaurant explodes into an airy dining space which has got cosy family meals and casual catch-ups written all over it. A combination of the amber and fuchsia cushions (the same colour as their pickled onions), and friendly staff means this is a place where you can have an unhurried, relaxed time. The pani puri and tarka dhal should definitely be on your table, but the naans are nothing special so go for loaded bhaji instead. It's a small space so book ahead for evenings when the thrum of chatter is at its loudest and friends nick the best bits of the thali specials off shared plates.

Spicebox review image