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Chinese in Shepherd's Bush

    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Birthdays
  • Brunch
  • Date Night
  • Dinner with the Parents
  • Literally Everyone

There are lots of nice places to eat Chinese food in London. Between all of them, you could probably cover every occasion in London. Alternatively, you could just go straight to Shikumen.

The classic cuisine at upmarket Chinese restaurant Shikumen is excellent. It’s the number one reason we’ll sit on the Central line for close to an hour to eat dumplings, and thinking about their Singapore noodles and the traditional Sichuan ‘mouthwatering’ chicken (tender boneless chicken in chilli oil) on our journey definitely keeps us in our mental happy place, even if a busker decides to play ‘Kiss From A Rose’ on his ukulele in between stops.

The dim sum is exceptional and also extremely consistent. If you’re into roast duck, their whole duck is carved tableside and is very good as well. Despite Shikumen’s capacity for great group dinners, it’s also an excellent spot for a low-key dinner with a few friends or a date, and the low lighting and slick, upscale vibe definitely help to that end.

Even though it looks like a sceney Chinese restaurant, it’s neither ridiculously expensive nor pretentious. We’re not saying you should use it to drop in for a cheap bowl of noodles, but considering how good the food is, it’s a price we’re more than happy paying every now and then - which is more than we can say for the average busker on the tube.

Food Rundown

Five Star Xiao Long Bao

These brilliant Shanghai-style soup dumplings are excellent, and a required order if you’re planning to eat here.

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Chilean Seabass

If you’re ordering this, then you’re probably on a date. The fish will melt in your mouth - it’s pretty darn tasty, and we wouldn’t blame you for not sharing.

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Singapore Noodles

This doesn’t go at all with the other stuff on this rundown, but you’re here to party, not to be a pedant. Shikumen’s version of Singapore noodles is as refined and satisfying as you’d want it to be.

Roast Duck

Gather up all of your friends for the whole duck extravaganza. Yes, even the ones that you kind of hate - it’s all worth it when you’re tucking into one of the best ducks in town.

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