Would it really be so wrong to tell a potential date that this is where we live? We just have a lot of flatmates and a really, really well-stocked bar. A hip hop cocktail bar from the team behind Dirty Bones, Roxanne is the kind of place that makes you seriously contemplate whether your landlord would be that pissed if you went for a distressed wall look. From the ornate fireplace to the coming of age novels stacked on the shelves, it really does feel like drinks at your mate’s place, if your mate’s claims about being a DJ and expert mixologist were actually true. Definitely get involved in the house martini with manzanilla sherry but if that’s not your thing, there are also highballs and pitchers of homemade boozy Vimto. It’s a touch tricky to find, but look for the black door on Whitby Street behind Dirty Bones Shoreditch.

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