Roti King Battersea

You’ll often find this Malaysian restaurant in Battersea Power Station’s arches filled with locals who are popping in after work and loud groups who’ve just finished a round of indoor crazy golf next door. Super casual, with a bunch of big tables inside and some high tables outside, this isn’t a place where you’ll be asked to keep it down. That, plus the fact that the food is comforting and incredibly good value for money, means that Roti King has effortlessly become a go-to spot in the area. 

It’s the second location of London’s cult Malaysian mini-chain that, as you can probably deduct from the name, specialises in roti canai—soft, flaky flatbreads served with a bowl of hearty curry. Like the original Euston restaurant, this spot is walk-in only but instead of a small basement dining room, the Battersea spot has a strong warehouse meets jungle aesthetic inside. There are exposed pipes on the ceiling, dark brown wood tables and floors, and an island with green foliage in the centre.

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The space (and menu) is made for a rowdy group. There’s a whole section of the menu dedicated to the namesake roti, which you should absolutely get involved in (our favourites are the dhal and mutton), but they also serve great versions of Malaysian hawker stall staples like char kway teow, nasi goreng, and a proper laksa for under a tenner. Don't skip the beef rendang—after the roti it's our go-to order here. Come with a crowd, get a roti each, a rice and noodle dish or two to share, and leave knowing you’ve tried the best of everything.

Food Rundown

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Roti Canai

The roti here is top-tier. Flaky on the surface, doughy in the thicker parts, and delicious all round, we could eat this plain. But it’s way better dipped in the dhal curry, or for scooping up a tender piece of mutton. In case you’re bad at picking up on hints: order the dhal and mutton.

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Beef Rendang

Soft, slow-cooked beef in a hearty sauce you’ll want to lick off the plate. Perfect with the coconut rice, but equally as good if you’ve got some leftover roti to dip in it.

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Mee Goreng

This hefty portion of noodles is stir-fried with chicken, prawns, and tofu, and is a very satisfying plate of food. And the best part? It’s less than a tenner.

Spinach and Cheese Murtabak

A roti filled with spinach and cheese sounds like a good idea but compared to the plain roti with curry, this is forgettable. Save your stomach space for the real deal.

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