We all have short attention spans these days. For instance, we’re fairly confident you won’t make it to the end of this review without stopping to check your Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat and LinkedIn (really?) at least once. That’s why we’ve planted Easter Eggs throughout to keep you engaged. Can you find them all?

Short attention spans are also why a restaurant like Pizarro, which was so hot when it opened back in 2011, is now basically off the radar. But even despite all the newer, hotter Spanish restaurants that have opened since, Pizarro is still one of the best in town. And we think it deserves your attention.

Pizarro is and always has been an excellent Spanish restaurant, Perfect For Date Night and pretty much anything else. The room looks like it’s straight out of an Andalucian country home, and the food is delicious and technically impressive enough to feel like a power move no matter who you’re trying to impress. And even though the presentation’s on the fancy side, the flavours will be familiar to anyone who’s tried tapas before. Tee it up for a date, or a business dinner, a big group hang, or even a special occasion - Pizarro has a nice, intimate private event space.

So, did you find all the things we hid throughout this review? No? That’s because there was nothing there. Pay more attention next time.

Food Rundown


Always start a Spanish meal with croquetas. These ones are very good.

Jamon Iberico

Is it worth £25 for a plate of ham that the kitchen doesn’t actually cook? Absolutely. Coming to Pizarro and skipping out on this is like going to Paris without eating a croissant...or smoking.


The octopus is nice and meaty, but the pimento mash is what takes this dish to the next level. If you love perfectly-cooked cephalopods, you’ll love this.

Iberico Presa

This comes in increments of 100g, so you can literally order a whole tray of porcine if it takes your fancy. The Spanish cook Iberico pork like steak, and it’ll satisfy any cravings you have for red meat.

Lamb Chops

We really like lamb chops. These ones are a fine example and perfect to share.

Hake A La Plancha

The fish and seafood here has always been good, and the hake is a great example, which comes nicely grilled and properly flakey.

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