Unless you’re in the business of attempting a date night at Whole Foods, Pascor is your best bet for a kind-of-casual evening on Kensington High Street. At the lovingly rustic Levantine restaurant with an open kitchen, you should begin and end your meal with the samneh challah. Consider this glistening and sweet braided bread as your official dinner mascot, for mopping up herb-tastic ‘reverse tabbouleh’, smoky mushroom hummus, and an oh-so rich whipped za’atar butter. This spot is the kind of great little charmer where no one will mind if you have olive oil on your chin. But it still has a Kensington confidence that makes it perfect for a certified Nice Date sitting at the bar, or for a catch-up where you swap hot gossip over a bottle of dry riesling.

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photo credit: @lateef.photography

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