Nightjar Carnaby

It would be easy to walk past the entrance to Nightjar and not realise one of Soho’s best speakeasys is hiding inside. After entering through a plain door in the alleyway that leads to Kingly Court, you’ll descend the stairs to a world of live music, moody glamour, and drinks topped with candy floss that by the grace of good booze, somehow manage not to be remotely naff. Just like the original Nightjar in Shoreditch, it’s perfect for an early-in-the-game date night and the cocktails are a medley of silliness and expert mixology. Sure, there’s a milk chocolate sceptre in your drink but it’s still one of the best boulevardiers in town. Open until the early hours from Tuesday to Saturday, expect classic tunes from the pianist and if you’re doing it right, a big old hangover the next morning. 

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