Min Jiang

James Bond would love Min Jiang’s dining room on the tenth floor of the Royal Garden Hotel. We can’t actually confirm this, seeing as we don’t run in the same circles as 007 and importantly, he’s fictional, but we stand by this statement. For starters, this upmarket Chinese spot has mirrored walls that reflect the restaurant’s jawdropper views across Hyde Park and allow you to simultaneously eat whilst checking out your own outfit. That’s classy. In case you’re not already sold, know that their ‘legendary wood-fired Beijing duck’ is really pretty great, and their dim sum is definitely worth getting involved in too. Prices are as high as the restaurant itself, but we’ll forgive this because the service is great. It’ll definitely work for a special occasion, and if you’re on one of the big group tables you’ll be able to enjoy one of life’s greatest simple pleasures–turning a lazy susan packed full of dim sum towards yourself.

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