MEAT Liquor is permanently closed

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MEAT Liquor

American in Marylebone

    Perfect for
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Catching Up With Mates
  • Kids
  • Lads Night
  • Late Night Eats

Ever wonder what inspired everyone in London to start obsessing over hot dogs, burgers, and chips smothered with so much cheese that they start resembling lasagna? The recession. The recession inspired them.

Even if we all started obsessing over posh burgers because we were all broke, some of the credit also has to go Meat Liquor, a temple to excess in London if there ever was one. It serves the kind of over-the-top burgers and American fried things that the Man vs Food guy would do battle with, but in banging surroundings that you should definitely bring a group of mates to. The diner-meets-nightclub atmosphere is excellent, and makes for a fun night out, especially when cocktails start getting involved. Also, be warned that it’s loud in here.