Maria G's

There are three things you should know about Maria G’s in Kensington. Firstly, it serves dangerously good focaccia. Secondly, it’s the kind of out-of-the-way, relaxing place you’ll want to take your time in, catching up over pea and burrata arancini in comfy emerald booths. And thirdly, it’s got an outdoor terrace that feels a lot more like a private garden. The changing menu of Italian-inspired dishes means one day you’ll start with aged parmesan fries and finish with a comforting borlotti bean stew, and other days you’ll focus on the mackerel bolognese and end with olive oil-drizzled soft serve. Want to make things even more intimate? There’s a secluded table for groups within their hidden garden, which is perfect for a low-key private dinner situation. 

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photo credit: Maria G's

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