Mannings Seafood

Every trip to the seaside should be marked by a visit to the local seafood shack. You know the ones, white hatches with a spread of just-caught oysters, prawns, cockles, whelks, plus the inevitable crab sandwich. Mannings is the one to head to in Margate. It’s parked up next to the Turner Contemporary, where you’ll see a polite queue of people trying not to be blown away by gale-force winds. You want to order confidently. Owners of local seaside seafood huts are a particular type: jovial on the outside but with the piercing eyes of an unsatisfied seagull when it comes to bumbling out-of-towners. A crab sandwich (lemon, tiny squeeze of mayo, no leaves) is essential. As are a few oysters. We can never resist a little tub of prawns and marie rose sauce either. Pop a squat on the sea-facing wall and you’ve got the perfect seaside snack.

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