London’s food halls aren’t usually known for their popping atmosphere but Mambow, a modern Malaysian small plates spot, injects needed soul into Peckham’s Market Stalls food/shopping hall. It’s typically an order and collect situation but a friendly chat with the chef who’ll happily recommend a natural wine gives Mambow that welcoming warmth. Glass in hand, perch at a bar seat by the kitchen (recommended), find a spot in the dining space shared with other food outlets, or at a long table outside. Hovering for a space when it’s busy—with date-night couples and gossiping friends—is worth it for sour, earthy ikan assam pedas (fish curry) and lor bak, a salty pork and prawn roll encased in crunchy, deep-fried bean curd skin. Come here with a few people so you can order the whole menu of around seven small plates, but if you’re a very hungry pair, speaking from experience, you can get everything too.

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London’s Best New Dishes Of 2022

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