La Fromagerie

There are a few La Fromageries dotted around London, but our favourite is this one in Bloomsbury. You’ll walk in to find a scene from a quaint French film and be incredibly soothed by the charm of the little front deli. Your overdraft on the otherhand will enter a panic spiral that you’re about to drop £80 on comté, gruyère, and several bottles of pinot noir. We suggest you do what you’ve always done before and don’t listen to your overdraft. Buy the cheese. That being said, once you make it past the cheese thirst-trap entrance you’ll find a moody sophisticated two-floor wine bar that’s perfect for whispering sweet nothings over a bottle of excellent wine. We’re lowkey obsessed with their own-brand red roc house wine for its easy-drinking meets affordability factor. A round of charcuterie and their 10/10 raclette won’t hurt either.

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