Jeru is a highly classy Mayfair establishment that feels like the kind of place Edina Monsoon would go for mezze. The plush dining room appears to be exclusively lit by a sepia glow beauty filter, and there is no shortage of chandeliers to admire while you tuck into spiced bone marrow kofta meatballs, tender £70 rib-eye, and smoky roasted cauliflower. The prices tend to lean, well, Edina Monsoon, particularly if you’re getting involved in the triple-figure sharing dishes. But if you’re armed with a corporate card or have made some very good life choices and paying £16 for chicken shawarma bites doesn’t make you start sweating, then it’s a slick place for a high-end, devoted-servers-at-the-ready kind of meal.

Jeru review image

photo credit: Hikaru Funnell Photography