Good Neighbour

Being the selfless individuals that we are, we’d like to volunteer to be Good Neighbour’s good neighbour. We’ll keep the music down and they can pop round to borrow some sugar any time they want if we’re able to have easy access to their gorgonzola and walnut gnocchi. A five-minute walk from Tooting Broadway station, this place is perfect when you’re in the mood for a bit-of-this and a bit-of-that. Read as: the small plates are excellent and everything on the menu has that Mediterranean feel that will go great with a spritz. Although the menu changes seasonally, our game plan here is to go with a couple of our favourite friends - A.K.A. people we can trust not to hog the fried feta with honey - and order every single one of the sharing plates. Plus, thanks to the exposed brick and buzzy counter, Good Neighbour screams big third date potential. The wine list is a real winner too.

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