Get Baked

We spend a worrying amount of time scrolling through Get Baked’s Instagram page, and the desserts don’t disappoint. You’ll find this long-term dessert residency at Neighbourhood—a laid-back restaurant in Islington that hosts changing pop-ups. It's a one-stop shop for sugar heads and serves larger-than-life desserts, like a moreish, fudgey, and surprisingly not-too-sweet chocolate cake inspired by Matilda, and a baked alaska that requires at least three stomachs. The base is a dark chocolate brownie, with a nice bitterness that complements the scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s all covered with soft Italian meringue that’s been blowtorched to perfection—and collapses in on itself at the touch of a spoon. Just like most things on this menu, it’s a messy, OTT dessert that you shouldn’t wait until after dinner for.

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