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FM Mangal

Turkish in Camberwell

    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Catching Up With Mates
  • Cheap Eats
  • Delivery
  • Vegetarians

We like ourselves a bit of bread here at The Infatuation London. White bread. Brown bread. Flat bread. Injera bread. You name the bread, we eat it. If you’re anything like this, then you’ll want to know that FM Mangal, a Turkish grill spot on Church Street, has got some seriously good (flat)bread. It’s warmed over the grill and covered in a secret mixture of what we can only describe as smoke, fat, and spice. Needless to say, you’ll be eating several bowls of this. Also needless to say is that it goes very well with their kofte, roasted onions in pomegranate, and whatever else you want to pile on top.