Elystan Street

Imagine you had a wealthy godparent who had just become known to you. Imagine they invited you across town to a world of gleaming white Georgian architecture and four-door Porsches. Imagine you were sitting in a sedate room with them eating a very posh Twix. Well, you’re in Elystan Street.

The fine dining restaurant in Chelsea has the feel of a living room where you’re worried about breaking anything for fear of bankrupting yourself. Despite the wannabe chill but quite unchill atmosphere, the food at this restaurant is tasty. This isn’t fiddly, fancy stuff you play around with. It’s bolshy flavours—scallop and crab-stuffed courgette flower, gorgeous lamb with a garlic purée you want to exfoliate with—that you can gobble up like a trust fund. The à la carte menu is similarly bolshy in price, as is the tasting menu. But for a blowout meal or a treat-yourself set lunch, Elystan Street is a restaurant you could easily settle into.

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photo credit: Courtesy of Elystan Street

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