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Delhi Grill

Indian in Islington

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We enjoy restaurants where we don’t need to worry about the stuff that mum told us off for doing at the dinner table. Making a mess, talking too loud, reaching for food across the table, picking up our food – all the stuff that makes eating fun. Delhi Diner, one of the most indestructibly popular restaurants in Chapel Market, is one of those places. Prices are low and portions are generous, so you’ll come away full and not much poorer. Order beers and poppadoms while you look at the menu, and then order loads of chops and kebabs and side dishes. And bread. And a few curries. And rice.

Everyone helps themselves to everything, even if it means reaching down to the other end of the table where some selfish twat has chosen to hog the chicken tikka makhani. Drink beer, but try not to belch too loudly. Check out the specials. But Delhi Diner does not have to be like a scene out of Animal House. Polite people come here, too. If your mum likes samosas, you might even consider bringing her. Just don’t reach across the table to steal her food.

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