Brisket specialists, creators of the ‘naco’ (a naan taco hybrid), and certified smoked meat geniuses - the team behind Cue Point have created something that’s a lot more than just your regular BBQ joint. This British Afghan catering company, turned nationwide delivery service, turned restaurant pop-up is directed by Mursal Saiq and head chef Joshua Moroney. Their aims don’t end at providing Londoners with great BBQ’d meats though. They also have strong focus on diversifying the restaurant industry with their Cue Point Kitchen (CPK) initiative. This hospitality-based community aims to increase the generational wealth of refugees and immigrants with things like catering qualifications, professional development courses, and more.

Their Summer 2021 residency at the Chiswick Pavilion in west London is a whole lot like going to your friend’s huge, perfectly trimmed, garden for an epic barbecue. But instead of sitting on a broken plastic chair and getting served up a slightly charred Richmond sausage that you’re pretty sure you saw fall on the grass before it was handed to you, you’re getting some of the best brisket you’ll find in London. And like the smell of sunscreen, and people in bikinis discussing their ‘type on paper’, rocking up to this 200-cover beer garden is one of the few things that feels exactly like summer.

While there’s some indoor seating, on a sunny day the outdoor set-up is where it’s at. On the edge of a cricket field, there’s a bunch of tables for big groups, benches covered with parasols, and outdoor sofas that’ll make you feel like you’re about to be pulled for a chat by the firepit. This is where to sit when the weather allows. But the options don’t end there. As well as their meal kits (which were one of the Best Things We Ate In 2020) you’ve also got the choice of experiencing their excellent food via their drive-thru. You heard us right, a BBQ drive-thru! So anyone wanting to eat some 10/10 lamb barbacoa and a platter with 20 buffalo wings from the comfort of their car, can.

Basically, what you need to know is that whether you’re inside, outside, at home, or in your Ford Fiesta, a Cue Point meal puts other BBQs to shame.

Food Rundown

Brisket Bun

No nonsense here - this cute not-so-little brioche bun is all 16-hour smoked beef brisket, jalapeno jam, BBQ sauce, and pickled chillies. Every bite is a delicious, smokey, meaty party in your mouth. Get this, and then get it again.

Cue Point review image

Buffalo Wings

Spicy, tangy, and tender, these are some solid buffalo wings but not the main reason you’re here, so focus your efforts on the smoked meats.

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A cross between Afghan naan and a taco, these palm sized creations are the hybrid we all needed in our lives. Whether it’s the smoked beef brisket or lamb barbacoa topped nacos, if these are on the menu, order them. We repeat: ORDER. THEM.

Hush Puppies

Deep-fried dough? Yes please. This is an essential order and a welcome break from the meaty stuff. The sweetcorn basically makes it one of your five a day.

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When you see this platter approaching, it’ll feel like a real Man Vs. Food moment, but once you get started on those buffalo wings, and sliced brisket, you’ll work your way through it while waving off any attempts from your friends to take a hush puppie. Ultimate carnivore heaven.

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Meaty Meet Up

A whopping 20 buffalo wings, brisket, 8-hour Afghan mixed spice lamb barbacoa, all of the sides, and Afghan chutney and aioli. This is what to go for when you come with a group. But we won’t judge anyone who orders this for themselves.

The Sauces

Cue Point make all their sauces in house, and they’re all great. Double down on the Afghan chutney, jalapeno jam, and aioli for dipping everything in. And in the unlikely event that there’s any left over, take it home with you.

Cue Point review image

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