Copita review image


Tapas in Soho

    Perfect for
  • Catching Up With Mates
  • Drinks & A Light Bite
  • First/Early in the Game Dates
  • Literally Everyone
  • Lunch
  • Outdoor Seating

You might think a tapas spot like Copita is best at night when you can let loose with a bottle of wine, a number of glasses of beer, or some sherry. You'd be right. But, stop being so unimaginative, it's great for lunch too. This place has a massive range of well made tapas, it’s all quite reasonably priced, and, regardless of whether you’re stopping in for just a couple of plates, or you plan to stay all day, its tiled interior and big wooden high-top tables, will make you feel like you’re a million miles away from the madness of Soho .