Let us preface this review by saying that yes, London has a lot of great Japanese restaurants to choose from. And still, Chisou’s quality fish, relaxed dining room, and serious sake menu makes it one of the most useful around. 

It’s one of those restaurants that can be used for a bunch of different situations. Taking your parents for lunch? Impress them with sushi rolls without breaking the bank. Anniversary dinner? Splash out on the top quality nigiri, and a taste from their 16 page sake menu. Dinner with some friends? Go for the sashimi omakase for six, some salads here, tempura there, a bowl of udon, and a couple of chisou rolls, and leave £50 lighter. The point is, there’s something here for everyone, and believe us, that something is good.

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The menu has a range of Japanese classics, from tempura, to udon noodles, and a signature baby spinach and spicy prawn salad which you should definitely get involved in. In terms of sushi, the inside out rolls are excellent, as are the Chisou rolls, and if you’re struggling to choose, just know that the soft shell crab and hot sake maki should probably be on your table. As can be expected from the location, the prices can rack up quite quickly, but thanks to the sushi selections and rolls, you can keep it under £50 each and still leave satisfied. That’s what we call useful.

Food Rundown

Horenso Salad

If you don’t start your meal here with this baby spinach and rock shrimp salad, then you’re seriously missing out. Tangy from the yuzu dressing, spicy from the prawns, and hypnotising from the perfectly placed spinach leaves, this should be on your table.

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Spicy Tuna Roll

The inside out rolls here are excellent, and the way to go if you’re trying to keep the bill to under £50 per person. And this spicy tuna one is particularly good, heavy on the tuna, balanced with the spicy mayo and seaweed, this is a crowd pleaser.

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Hot Sake Maki

It’s worth getting one of the Chisou rolls, and our favourite is this seared salmon number. Sweet potato and avocado in an inside out roll, topped with salmon, spicy miso, and tempura flakes, this is eight mouthfuls of sweet, spicy, fresh goodness.

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There are a couple of omakase options, but at £52.70, the chef’s choice sashimi for two people turns out to be a pretty decent deal. You’ll get a selection of the best fish of the day, without having to break the bank. Plus, they have similar deals for up to six people.

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