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Chapati & Karak

££££+44 20 7052 0039
Hours:TUESDAY09:00AM to 11:00PM
Perfect For:HalalWalk-Ins

The UK outpost of a popular cafe in Doha, this small spot on Brompton Road specialises in chapati and karak—a real plot twist, we know. The menu includes different variations of chapati (a savoury layered flatbread that originates from India) filled with all manner of delicious things from spicy keema, to cheddar cheese, to cinnamon, or Nutella. Paired with the sweet and fragrant karak (a strong black tea, sweetened with evaporated milk and spiced with cardamom) it makes for an ideal takeaway park picnic situation—if you can wait until you get to Hyde Park before taking a bite of your wrap that is.

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