Cédric Grolet At The Berkeley

Cédric Grolet is a perfectly pleasant place to sit for a coffee and light snack, but it’s also painfully overpriced so if you’re hoping to spend less than £50, head somewhere else. Located inside Knightsbridge’s The Berkeley hotel, this spot is famous for its namesake—the internet sensation and pastry chef Cédric Grolet, who’s best-known for his satisfying croissant-making videos. But the desserts on display include an underwhelming £25 cookie, a £35 vanilla cake that tastes like cookies and cream, and a shiny green apple filled with an unpleasant dill and apple concoction. That’s over £20, by the way. However, the hyped croissant is one of the best we’ve tried in London, and one of the only things under a tenner—just make sure you arrive before midday as they’re the first to sell out. The cafe is often filled with fans of Cédric’s videos who want to know if everything tastes as good as it looks, or people with lots of money instructing the nanny to keep an eye on their toddler while it chews on a £25 cookie. 

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photo credit: Calvin Courjon

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