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Breddo's Tacos


82 Goswell Rd, London
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One running discussion that we have with our American expat mates (more of an ongoing row, really) is that there’s no good Mexican food in London. Fair enough - London’s never going to be California or Texas, let alone proper Mexico. But maybe that’s OK. Folks here don’t really know the cuisine as well as people do elsewhere. It also means as Brits, we don’t have to get hung up on difficult concepts like ‘authenticity’ and what should or shouldn’t be. Like how we sometimes put Kraft cheese slices on our instant ramen. Is that common in Japan? Who are you to judge?

Breddos is a taco joint in Clerkenwell that is most certainly not what one might call “authentic.” They do reckless things like put kung pao pork belly and fried chicken inside corn tortillas, which might elicit fury from Mexican food purists, but doesn’t bother us one bit. Because they are fucking delicious.

Breddos Tacos review image

Aside from tacos, Breddo’s serves other dishes of questionable Mexican origin, like clam and uni tostadas and chilli pepper crab and langoustines. That stuff is quite expensive for what you get, so it’s a good idea to stick to the tacos unless you really, really want to know what a clam and uni tostada tastes like (answer: pretty good).

You should know that the dining room is small and busy as hell. It’s not somewhere you come for a relaxing evening of kissy times with a date, or for a big group dinner. But if you’re coming to eat a good taco, you’ll leave happy. Assuming you’re not the type to get hung up on authenticity.

Now, can we interest you in a slice of cheese?

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Food Rundown

Masa Fried Chicken Taco

It’s not usually difficult to convince us to eat fried chicken, but shoving it in a soft, warm tortilla certainly can’t hurt.

Breddos Tacos review image

Kung Pao Pork Belly Taco

This sounds like an abomination, but is actually very good. Kung Pao. Pork belly.

Breddos Tacos review image

Beef Rib Eye Taco

As far as your regular beef taco goes, these are pretty damn fine.

Breddos Tacos review image

Clam and Uni Tostada

This thing doesn’t pop like the tacos do, but it’s crunchy and creamy and salty like the ocean all at once. It’s a nice mouthful, if pretty bloody expensive at seven quid.

Breddos Tacos review image

Grilled Prawns

These tasty suckers are grilled and then served with a sauce of three different chillis. They’re pretty good, but only worth it if you’re splurging.

Octopus Al Pastor with Roasted Pineapple

The contrast between the smoky octopus and sweet pineapple is fantastic. We’re not even upset that it isn’t pork.

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